Wanna buy new wheels? Think twice before going electric!

Isn’t it time that politicians and mainstream media are telling the whole truth and nothing but about battery powered vehicles?

Think twice before ordering a battery car as the production of electricity and batteries is far from clean as you might think.

Even electricity produced by solar power cells and windmills is revealed as a tremendous environmental hazard.

This is caused by the chemical gas named Sulphur hexafluoride (SF6). This gas is used as an insulator to prevent power grid transformers and switches from short cuts, fires and other unwelcome events.

Due to increasing demand and worldwide rapidly expanding power grids, the consequences are disastrous.

Most people never heard about SF6 but leaks in the European area (UK included) are comparable with the yearly emission equivalent of 1.3 million cars on the road. This gas is causing 23.500 times more global warming than carbon dioxide (CO2). It remains in the atmosphere for at least 1000 years.

The grow in demand for electricity lead to more connections to the electricity grid. With this comes a rise in the number of electrical switches and circuit breakers (switchgear). The gas is required to prevent serious accidents and keeps things running.

The impact of SF6 will get even worse as the grid is in transition towards a dramatic upgrade. More power lines, transformers and switchgear are required to push society into electric.

As this is not enough, scientists come with another shock revelation. Battery charging is a complete energy disaster. Over 50% of the electrical energy is during the charging procedure lost.

The battery converts at least half the energy input directly into heat and cannot be used for driving or other purposes. It is a highly inefficient process and a scandal of unseen proportions that the mainstream media is completely silent about it.

Electric driving is not the most favorite thing in England. At the moment, less than 0.5 percent of the vehicles in the UK are electric.

A poll shows that 71 % of the British motorist’s next car will be, again, a fossil fuel powered one.

Limited mileage, a power grid not capable of handling massive demand and a lack of charging points withheld a majority of the drivers from going electric.

This comes amid the announcement of major car manufacturers that Hydrogen is on the verge of becoming reality. Instead of batteries, a Hydrogen powered fuel cell provides electricity to power the vehicle. At the end of the day, Hydrogen is far more efficient and environmental friendly.

Insiders in the auto industry expect that within 5 years, hydrogen cars will slowly but surely push out the battery-powered systems.

Despite small improvements in battery technology, more and more experts are convinced that battery powered cars do have its limitations and the mining of lithium is an environmental issue in it selves. A revolution towards dramatically improved batteries is not in sight. Battery driving is seen as something temporarily.

I love to save the environment but when it comes to the transition of the automotive industry, I recommend Hydrogen. Governments should make the right choice and stimulate Hydrogen distribution. Don’t buy the scam of battery- powered cars.




Sinful priests replaced by robots; the big cleanup has begun

Robotic priests are the proposed solution to wash away the terrible sins committed by Roman Catholic Church workers of flesh and blood.

The Roman Catholic Church is now seriously studying proposals to replace priests by androids.

As the church is more and more drifting away from the fundamental Christian values, these robotic priests are expected to be gender neutral and incapable of committing sexual crimes.

Church leaders admit that sexual perversity is still going on and new cases of child abuse could appear on the horizon.

The idea to robotize the Catholic Church comes from Franciscan Sister Illia Delio. She has a chair in theology at Villanova University in Philadelphia and suggests the introduction of robots could be part of a church moving towards a post- human priesthood era.

“Our Church is very male, very patriarchal, and we have this whole sexual abuse crisis. The priesthood should be ‘reimagined’ with robots working alongside, or instead of, human religious figures”

Using religious robots is not something new.

In Germany, Protestant Churches try to diminish the workload with the help of robot priests that give automated blessings. The “BlessU-2” robot has a touchscreen, glowing hands, and is able to forgive sins in several different languages.

Further away, in Japan, Buddhist funerals have been conducted by robots. Last month, a robot priest named Mindar held a talk at the 400 year old Buddhist Kodaiji temple.


Is it the Horror Channel or the United Nations?

People who think children with a nasty, evil, demonized face only exist in horror movies on the Horror Channel are wrong. This week the world was widely astonished as 16-year-old Greta Thunberg appeared with a face full of hatred before the international audience of the United Nations in New York.

With an invidious look as someone ready to punish she proclaimed:

“This is all wrong. I should not be standing here. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean. Yet you all come to me for hope? How dare you! You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words. And yet I’m one of the lucky ones. People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are in the beginning of a mass extinction. And all you can talk about is money and fairytales of eternal economic growth. How dare you!”

Moreover, if she is not an actor, an evil force wrapped this autistic girl since she should know that without the achievements of earlier generations she probably lived in a world even worse as it is today.

So what is going on. She might be a secret weapon used by climate activists. Baer in mind that nobody has the guts to argue with a 16-year-old child. She must be brainwashed by activists or the devil him selves.

A leading Australian psychologist says in The Daily Mirror that he is seriously worried about Greta Thunsberg mental wellbeing.

It is known that Greta Thunsberg when she was eleven went through a serious psychological crisis. She became disillusioned with life due to existential threat supposedly posed by the burning of fossil fuels. It led to an over exaggerated fear for the future existence of humanity.

In her own words:”I became ill. I fell into depression. I stopped talking and I stopped eating. In two months, I lost about 10 kilograms of weight. Later on, I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, OCD and selective mutism”

The French Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer said he was not sure if Thunberg had been manipulated by someone. “She should stop being so bleak and making everyone miserable. One shouldn’t create the generation of people depressed over the subject of climate change,” he said. The Minister urged her to spend time on finding constructive solutions instead.

I fear that with her scaremongering this climate evangelist might drive other young people over the edge. This child is not a blessing but a substantial danger for society. Doctors should lock her up in a lunatic asylum.

Great Thunberg’s performance is a shame, a big shame because climate change is far more complex than human influences only.

Climate change is –as long as the planet exists- an ongoing process. Millions of years ago, the North and South Pole were tropical. Such a shift is happening again. If there is human influence than over population is also one of the causes. However, politicians do not have the guts to address this issue.


Kamikaze Boris forced to land; Brexit will probably never happen

The seemingly never ending Brexit soap is nearing its climax as British parliament blocked a no deal Brexit at Halloween.

PM Boris Johnson is left almost empty handed as one of the oldest legislatures in the world took over control and voted against a no deal Brexit. This unparalleled spectacle took place after a failed attempt from the conservatives to disable parliament for 5 weeks in order to secure Britain leaving the EU on October 31st with or without a deal.

It is widely feared that the country will end up in chaos and major economic damage occur in case the UK is crashing out the EU.

The House of Lords should approve the no deal legislation later this week. They will work overtime to get the job done.

With not many alternatives available, legislation proposed by the PM to organize early general elections mid-October also failed to get the required 2/3 majority.

Boris Johnson maneuvered himself in a very difficult not to say impossible position with his promise to leave the EU at the end of October under all circumstances. But what initially looked like a smart move turned against him.

Disabling Parliament for another 5 weeks until mid-October is widely seen as a violation against democracy.

It all began last week as in the middle of the wide spread uproar a conservative party member defected and the conservative majority in the House of Commons was lost.

Add up the 21 conservative party members that –after voting against the PM- were fired. They were purged in short order from a party many of them devoted their political lives to. And there is the bombshell resignation from MP and business minister Jo Johnson, the younger brother of the Prime Minister who puts Britain’s national interest first above family loyalty.

What Boris Johnson tried to do is similar to the practices that are usual in Brussels. Switching off and ignoring democracy.

Dictatorial EU practises are now introduced in British politics leaving many in disbelieve and leading to an appalling unprecedented situation.

I remember Boris Johnson as a great Mayor of London, doing an outstanding job. Being PM of this country is something else and might require a different approach.

Where are we now? A general election is almost unavoidable. The opposition demands this to happen after October 31 to avoid Brexit surprises during the turmoil of such elections. And in one way or another, a snap election before October 31 gets no backing, the government can decide to resign.

The question is, will a new House of Commons find a way to rediscover the spirit of compromise, humility and understanding. Without this, it seems unlikely Brexit will ever happen.


Former “criminal” on the new 50 pound bill

Times change and so do ethics. It is Alan Turing, earlier prosecuted for being gay, showing up on the new 50 pound note that is due to arrive in 2021.

As an informatics scientist. Mr. Turing played an important, not to say, “Crucial” rule during WWII by breaking the Nazi Germany’s communication code.

He worked at the UK’s deep secret Bletchley Park code-breaking center helping to crack the Nazi Germany’s secret codes by developing the Turing logic bombe.

Turing was ground breaking. He was also one of the most important forces as it comes to artificial intelligence.  One of the many things he developed was the so called Turing test; a way to measure artificial intelligence.

But in the fifties being openly gay was a criminal offence. In England, as in the rest of Europe, homosexuality was strictly prohibited.

In that period of time, homosexuals were sent to prison and forcibly treated with hormones. In 1954 Turing committed suicide and died at the age of 41,

It was not earlier as in 2013 when Turing received a royal pardon; this following apologizes from the British government in 2009.

The new 50 pound bank note is part of a transition to more secure bank notes. Switching from paper to safer and long life polymer.