State sponsored sex in Germany

Now Germans know where in the future tax euro’s might end up.

The German Green Party made a pledge for sex on prescription in cases people are disabled or seriously ill. These patients should be able to file for public money to pay the hookers bill.

However, evidence of the medical need plus a statement that a patient is not able to pay for the sex workers visit is required.

To enjoy state sponsored sex, you need to be double disabled. Healthy and financially.Double diabledAccording to Elisabeth Scharfenberg, a member of parliament “it is imaginable that local authorities pay for “sexual assistance”

Prostitution has been legal in Germany since 2002. It’s a serious business. An unseen number of sex workers offer nowadays their services in care homes. A sexual advisor for nursing and elderly homes told that for some patients prostitutes are a “blessing”

It is said that in the Netherlands it’s already possible to claim the cost of sexual services as a medical expense.

In Germany, the green party is in some German area’s a substantial political player.

The UMC hospital in The Netherlands has a history of IVF/ ICSI wrongdoing

Recently there was upheaval after a Dutch IVF treatment center made public that 26 women possibly have been fertilized with sperm from the wrong male partner.

It is said that at the University Medical Center (UMC) in Utrecht things went wrong due to a procedural error.

In the meanwhile at least half of the women who underwent an IVF treatment in Utrecht are pregnant or already delivered. The incidents took place between April 2015 and November last year.

The management of the IVF center apologized with the explanation that “During the fertilization procedure, semen cells from one treatment couple could have ended up with the egg cells of other couples. One cannot rule out that there is a chance that the egg cells have been fertilized by other sperm than that from the intended father”

The incident is the second one on a row. In 1995 the UMC made headlines after a white couple delivered at the same time a white and also pitch black baby due to an unintended change of semen samples.

The latest announcement proves that the hospital obviously did not learn much out of the shocking event 22 years ago.

It is hard to image that the hospital explained the error with a mistake made by a technician who used the same rubber top on different pipettes without sterilizing thoroughly.

As far as I know health care providers should use protocols to avoid these kind of incidents and clean up before using instruments again.

Parents involved are offered a DNA test to be sure about the origin of their (future) child.

It is yet unclear whether the authorities will start an investigation yes or no.

Talking Teddy Bear Roemer; just remove the batteries

There was a time in The Netherlands extreme left wing parties like the Socialistische Partij (S.P.) were strictly prohibited. Party members of (neo) communist movements were not eligible for jobs with a security risk like the Police and e.g. the postal service PTT.

But nowadays we live in different times and people with left radical opinions are operating in the forefront of society. Not hindered by any intellectual abilities they are spreading their sometimes weird thoughts.

Regarding health care issues, I believe the Dutch S.P. is a real danger to society. Scientific developments like DNA research are blocked by irrational motives and lies. Therefore the Dutch people should realize that with the S.P. in the Government, life expectancy of thousands of patients, especially poor people that cannot afford seeking treatment abroad, is at stake.

Further to this, the ultra-left wing socialists simply do not understand that the restrictions on e.g. IVF treatments are useless since patients, who can afford it, go abroad to get what they want. Particularly to determine the sex of a newborn child S.P. health care specialist Van Gerven prefers abortion above laboratory techniques. He prefers murder above sex selection in the lab. Van Gerven blackmails me personally with the threat to continue slandering as long as my IVF websites are alive. I believe he should be jailed for that.

Like extreme right, extreme left wing parties, thank God for that, have no endurance. It’s members are often under educated and, as we know, have little ability to understand how society works.

On the brink of new elections in Holland early next year, last week it was no one less than talking Teddy Bear Emiel Roemer on the hit list from some party members. They leaked anonymously information to a newspaper that Roemer is not fit for the job and should leave.

The S.P. is like a sect. Members have to follow the party doctrine and keep quiet. Additional to this, they even are obliged transferring a significant sum of their income to the party.

After the leaking incident, it was of no surprise, that instantly an interrogation followed, comparable like the way it goes at a nursery school.

Under threat of punishment, one by one, party members were questioned by Mr. Roemer himself to find out who has spoken so bluntly and broke with the party line that dictates that everybody involved should keep their mouth shut.

After all, no verdict. Most damage is, Mr. Roemer admits, not done to him personally but to the party. Let’s hope so. Because I believe Mr. Roemer is a good guy. He should stay where he is. Cannot do any damage nor good.

What a relieve. Now it is highly unlikely that the S.P. will get a seat in the next administration. They are born to run in the opposition mode only. And Mr. Roemer, since he is a talking Teddy Bear, to finalize effectively, just remove the batteries. It’s as easy as that. Happy Xmas!

The future is bleak for bank customers in Europe

This week the EU announced the shocking development of new legislation to drive European citizens one step further in the direction of a privacy black hole. In the near future, banks are allowed to share vital data such as balances from customers with ordinary companies. If you didn’t hate the sick mind politicians in Brussels, now you might do.

The EU believes that companies can make better approaches to potential customers with their products when they know all about your spending capabilities.

This latest development would involve using technology to open up access to data such as a list of the transactions in an individual’s bank statement, balances included.

Further to this, the new law would also allow financial companies getting inside information to attract new customers more efficiently.

According to a EU spokesman, bank clients don’t give a damn about privacy as long as they get what they want.

We knew that the banking industry is laughing about their customers. A bank that really cares for clients never should advise using a smartphone for bank transactions.

To heat this matter up, this week security researchers made public that malicious software designed to attack Android smartphones has breached the Google accounts of more than a million Android smartphone users.

According to security firm Check Point Software Technologies, the malware, named Gooligan, still massively targets devices running Android 4.0 and 5.0.

This is nearly 74 percent of mobile devices using the Google-powered operating system.

The malware is able to steal email addresses and authentication data stored on the devices to access sensitive data from Gmail, Google Photos, Google Docs and who knows also banking account data.

The security firm calls the theft of over a million Google account details “very alarming and represents the next stage of cyber-attacks”

A new variant of the Gooligan’s code is affecting around 13,000 devices per day. About 57 percent of those devices are located in Asia and about nine percent in Europe.

How it works: The infection begins when a user downloads and installs a Gooligan-infected app on a vulnerable Android device or by clicking on malicious links in phishing attack messages.

Attackers can gain control over the device and generate revenue by fraudulently installing apps from Google Play and rating them on behalf of the victim. Check Point Software said it reported the details of the malware to Google, and that the tech giant indicated it would take steps to protect users.


We already know that there is something faster than the speed of light. That our teachers and for God sake Einstein was wrong in his statement there is absolutely nothing faster than light. Now we know better. Quantum physics revealed that no matter how far e.g. photons are separated from each other, they can communicate instantly. Faster than the speed of light.

And now another revelation has shocked scientists. Our universe is NOT expanding. At least scientifically spoken, there is no hard evidence that it is.

It is less than 5 years ago that astronomers were literally praised into heaven and honored with the Nobel Prize in Physics for what was called their discovery in the late 90’s that our universe is expanding at an accelerating speed.

Thanks to the Hubble space telescope and large earth based telescopes, astronomers were able to analyze a spectacular thermonuclear explosion of dying stars. The accelerating expansion they recognized led to the common acceptance of the idea that the universe is dominated by a mysterious substance the so called dark energy.

Today far more data is available as in the old days. Currently, a team of scientists led by Professor Subir Sarkar of Oxford University’s Department of Physics has cast doubt on this standard dark energy accelerating expansion concept.

Making use of a vastly increased data set – a catalogue of 740 Type Ia supernovae, more than ten times big as the original sample size – the researchers decided that the evidence for acceleration may be less hard than previously thought, with the data being consistent with a constant rate of expansion.

Today “dark energy” is seen as a cosmological constant and therefore THE standard model of cosmology.

The much bigger database now available as in the late nineties wipes out earlier conclusions based on a studies not meeting nowadays demands regarding fundamental significance.

According to Professor Sarkar, other data like the cosmic microwave background as a residue from the Big Bang that seems to support the early accelerating expansion of the universe findings is based on indirect tests in assumed models and not immediately influenced by dark energy.

One cannot rule out that we are being misled and that the apparent manifestation of dark energy is a consequence of analyzing data in an oversimplified theoretical model that was in fact constructed in the 1930s, long before there was any real data.

Professor Sarkar admits: ‘Naturally, a lot of work will be necessary to convince the physics community of this, but our work serves to demonstrate that a key pillar of the standard cosmological model is rather shaky.

Deutsche bank on the brink of total failure. Cannot pay U.S. fine. Dutch Internet payment system IDEAL crippled ?

Today Deutsche Bank shares are tumbling over 3 percent as fear grows that the institute is not able to pay a looming fine of $ 14 billion from US authorities.

This after selling a massive amount of misleading mortgages products in America.

In case Deutsche bank goes into failure, the Dutch daughter Internet pay system IDEAL might become inactive leaving many thousands of companies and clients in the Netherlands in complete chaos.

A bank crash not seen since 2009 looms as Chief executive John Cryan did not manage to negotiate a lower fine with the Justice department.

Today Investors are massively turning their back to the bank triggering a desperate situation with possibly serious consequences for the Euro and Europe. They fear that the bank is unable to pay the fine and will go into hibernation or worse.

Deutsche bank has publicly insisted it “has no intent” to pay anywhere near as much as the sum demanded by the US officials. They suggested “just walking out of America” to avoid the payment.

And there is more. Deutsche Bank is also in line for further cash penalties related to other past wrongdoings.

It’s a pity that this is only about fines and not jail terms for the very people that caused the massive misleading practices.

I believe the German government will not and cannot help the troubled bank since not so long ago Mrs. Merkel criticized similar government support for a big Italian institute.

And it should be weird if Germans, or even more terrible, European tax payers are charged to help Deutsche Bank paying their criminal fines abroad.