Who is the biggest tax evader?

Now we know it for sure. No mistake about it. The biggest tax evader is not Donald Trump. It’s Hillary! You know why? That’s because she is a robot! Robots don’t pay taxes, do they?

Conspiracy theorists believe that Hillary Clinton is a robot after she was seen clapping “like a robot”.

This new upheaval comes after the presidential nominee didn’t make it to the car as a result as what is now seen as an incident caused by empty batteries. It is rumored that during the walk to the car her batteries were completely discharged.

And now she kept stabbing in the clap mode. One of the Republican party campaign teams was tweeting: “Watch this video – it proves Hillary is a robot. “Hillary just keeps clapping and clapping.”

There is more. Earlier Mrs. Clinton has been accused of being a robot as during her first televised debate with Republican opponent Donald Trump she was photographed with what looks like to be an electronic wire trailing down her back underneath her jacket.

The bulky device is now considered to be a battery pack. The Federal Electoral Commission refused to rule out the use of communications devices by politicians. So what possibility is left?

A Twitter user remarked: “It was a water-based battery pack that helped power the Hillary robot!!! And instructions were in a folder on her lectern!”

And last but not least, last year, Mrs. Clinton herself joked with a reporter in an interview that fact she is a robot.

Hillary: “You guys are the first to realize that I’m really not even a human being. I was constructed in a garage in Palo Alto a very long time ago.”

Fatal fainting Hillary, a crucial turning point in America’s Presidential election

Was the collapse of Hillary Clinton during the 9-11 ceremonies a game changer in the president election campaign?

So far, ongoing rumors about the health of Mrs. Clinton were laughed away by the democratic campaigners and mostly neglected by the media.

Despite the eye catching coughing incidents recently, she began suffering uncontrollable coughing fits during a number of speeches on the campaign trail, the mainstream media did not pay much attention to it.

According to the press it was not Hillary but Donald Trump who was not fit for the upcoming presidential job.

But since Sunday afternoon the cards lay different. The woman that supposed to be the next president of the most influential nation on earth was clearly unwell and almost fainted on her way to the car. On the way she lost a shoe.

Security agents covering the incident standing around Mrs. Clinton could not prevent that images made with a mobile phone went viral on the internet and shortly on nationwide television.

Another video emerged later showed a democratic presidential nominee in a dramatic moment when her knees buckled and she nearly crumpled to the pavement while waiting for the car to collect her.

The video uncovered completely limp legs, leading to speculation that she was totally unconscious.

In a first official comment Mrs. Clintons illness was called a case of overheating but soon the story changed in pneumonia.

Pneumonia is not a disease you get easily. Generally pneumonia shows up at people with a deteriorated immune system. This e.g. can be caused by a long lasting period of tension and a too high work load. But also a poor overall physical condition caused by other illnesses can tribute to acquire this disease.

From now on it will be difficult to convince the electorate that a woman with these kind of problems is strong enough to meet the demands of the oval office.

The damage has been done and it seems to be too late to turn the ship. This woman is simply not fit.

Donald Trump’s initial approach in this case is with respect and in silence.

But rumor has it that the democrats already started searching for a Clinton replacement. Amid this shocking health scare, they are secretly lining up other candidates. The campaign is currently on hold.

Shortly after the incident on Monday stocks were lower since increasingly favorite Donald Trump will end the era of cheap money and restore the old system with reasonable interest rates for savers. Nowadays worldwide stocks are sky high but savers are paying the price and bleed for the financial support of crippled economies.

In the meanwhile, the presidential hopeful is building medical history. In 2012 she suffered a blood clot after fainting and hitting her head at home whilst unwell due to a bad stomach bug.

German vice chancellor warns; EU down the drain after Brexit

Will Brexit be the prelude of the end of political Europe? According to vice chancellor Sigmar Gabriel it is not unthinkable that, if other countries will follow Britain’s lead, the European Union is heading for destruction.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, such an event would be the end of the most hated and undemocratic political organization ever. There is no European country like German who benefited the most of the EU.MerkelDe facto EU president Angela Merkel will do her utmost to avoid a disappearance of the block in thin air. Recently she met a number of European leaders to prepare solid ground for a September summit focused on the EU’s post-Brexit future.

But many unhappy Europeans can’t wait to see the end of the Brussels dictatorship. Fact is that the EU never showed being capable in solving major issues like the financial crisis and the immigration issue. Instead politicians are working overtime to develop the most idiotic rules to make life for ordinary hard working people and small business unbearable.

People simply don’t understand a ban on water cookers with a higher power consumption than 2000 watt. Compared with water cookers that consume 3000 watt, due to the relative shorter warming up time, the net energy consumption for both types is near the same. I personally believe that politicians developing such nonsense regulation should be locked up in a lunatic asylum.

Anyway, let there be no mistake about it that Brexit leaves it footsteps and Gabriel realizes that a lot of damage already has been done. The continent is now shaking on its foundations. Enough trouble to put Europe on the world economic map as unstable territory.

The next steps in unwinding the participation of the UK are critical. Gabriel: “If we organize Brexit in the wrong way, then we’ll be in deep trouble, so now we need to make sure that we don’t allow Britain to keep the nice things, so to speak, related to Europe while taking no responsibility.” On the other hand here in the UK, preparations to leave the EU are in full swing.

There is evil in this world; Germany prepares citizens for disaster

Germans are told to stockpile food and water to prepare for an emergency situation.

The government hopes for the best but citizens are strongly advised to take all needed measures for a survival period of at least ten days.

This advice comes as a possible nuclear incident or the risk of a massive poisoning of water and food is on the brink. There is also nationwide fear of interrupted oil and gas supplies. Then there is the threat of events coming from space such as a meteor impact and last but not least a social revolt e.g. as the Euro collapses.

A substantial disaster might put state emergency services out of reach. The warning comes in a 69 pages document from the Germany Interior Ministry.

The document emphasizes that an attack on German territory is currently unlikely but one cannot rule out that in the foreseeable future a major security threat to the nation occurs. Therefore civil defense measures are unavoidable.

Since the end of the cold war, the last 20 years, civil defense guidelines were not updated in Germany. But several terror strikes plus the endless flow of criminal immigrants were enough to trigger a wake up call.

Therefore the Germans now believe it is the right time to refurbish the civil defense guidelines.

Vader van terrorist bederft “feestje” van Hillary

Opnieuw een compromitterend incident rond Hillary Clinton. Deze keer is het een video die viraal op internet gaat over de aanwezigheid van de vader van de “Orlando gunman” tijdens een campagne bijeenkomst van de Democraten in Florida.UntitledDe vader van deze terrorist, die het ergste bloedbad in de Amerikaanse geschiedenis veroorzaakte door in een nachtclub om zich heen te schieten, zit zonder gêne in de voorste gelederen van het publiek. Het is een interessante vraag of de mainstream media hierover ook zo zwijgzaam zouden zijn geweest wanneer deze man in de periferie van Donald Trump was opgedoken.

Republikeinen over Hillary Clinton… “Lock her Up”

Donald Trump maakt de Amerikaanse politiek opeens weer leuk. We moeten terug naar de Reagan periode om zoveel positieve upheaval tegen te komen. De voormalige president Reagan wist bij de Amerikanen het echte “Proud to be an American” gevoel te creëren. Daarna ging het bergafwaarts. Ook de republikeinse presidenten slaagden er niet in het succes van Ronald Reagan te evenaren.

Het was niemand minder dan Ronald Reagan die de Russen op hun knieën dwong, het ijzeren gordijn “Mr Gorbatsjov Tear Down This Wall” deed vallen en het einde van de Sovjet Unie inluidde . Met zijn Reaganomics kreeg de Amerikaanse economie een enorme boost. Gekluisterd zat iedereen wekelijks aan de radio voor het 5 minute radio address van de president. Maar misschien wel het allerbelangrijkste was het optimisme dat het presidentschap van Reagan kenmerkte.

We leven nu in een andere wereld. Een grimmige wereld die in geen opzicht meer met de jaren 80 van de vorige eeuw is te vergelijken.

En dat is natuurlijk niet alleen de schuld van de Democraten. Vooral tijdens de Obama administratie zijn door verschillende gebeurtenissen Oost en West weer lijnrecht tegenover elkaar komen te staan en is de Amerikaanse economie net zoals de rest van de wereld in een downturn terecht gekomen. Nog steeds kan het Amerikaanse financiële systeem niet van het infuus en is bemoeienis van de Federal Reserve nodig. Aan de voorzichtige renteverhogingen lijkt alweer een einde te komen.

Ik was verheugd toen America een zwarte president kreeg. Wat goed dacht ik toen. Juist omdat in de V.S. discriminatie en segregatie aan de orde van de dag zijn.

Maar is er sinds het aantreden van Obama iets verbeterd? De tegenstellingen zijn alleen maar toegenomen en raddraaiers die er op uit zijn om de politie aan te vallen hebben vrij spel. Dat mag zo niet doorgaan. Law and order moeten worden hersteld. Dat kan mede door goed te communiceren maar ook door banen te creëren. Wie werkt trapt doorgaans geen rotzooi.

De relschoppers vergeten gemakshalve dat bij de Amerikaanse politie en vooral in het leger veel gekleurde mensen werken. Dat als je donker bent je het in Amerika ook kunt maken. De huidige president is het bewijs.

Maar de armoede is onder Obama door allerlei oorzaken verder is toegenomen. En armoede is een voedingsbodem voor onrust.

Mevrouw Hillary Clinton lijkt met deze erfenis en haar eigen “emailgate” de wind niet mee te hebben.

De republikeinen zien “Hellary”, ondanks de goede afloop van de email affaire, liefst behind bars. Ze zou een satanist zijn en een groot gevaar voor America.

Voormalig Luitenant Generaal Michael Flynn, momenteel top adviseur van Donald Trump riep tijdens de Republikeinse conventie herhaaldelijk: “Lock Hillary up; Lock her up” waarop de massa terug schreeuwde “Lock her up”Hillary-in-prisonFlynn: “We willen geen roekeloze president die denkt zelf boven de wet te staan”

(Dit vanwege de manier waarop Hillary Clinton toen ze Secretary of State was met geclassificeerde e-mails omging door ze via haar eigen privé mailserver te verzenden.)

En het publiek bleef maar scanderen “Lock her up, Lock her up, Lock her up…”

Flynn: “Yeah that’s right, lock her up! You’re damn right. There’s nothing wrong with that. Lock her up”