World on Fire, Global Debt Explodes

It is game over and all financial insiders are aware of it.

While humanity is facing an unprecedented medical emergency, we are now heading towards a financial crisis the world never saw before. The 2008 financial crisis is just a shadow of things to come.

Like prisoners with a death sentence, as they know that they are going to die, during the last weeks, financial markets tried desperately to continue celebrating their big party.

As de markets put up the pressure, Central Banks printing machines are working in overdrive mode and pump up liquidity with the purchase of government bonds and cheap money for the banking system. The CB’s exacerbate the situation for savers, pension funds en the daily customer.

Many financial experts believe that this is the Central Banks last swan song. It is the final act that will lead to the annihilation of the worldwide financial system and rob consumers from their money and savings. It is doubtful that the extra cash will save or create jobs.

Before the crisis, interest rates already sunk below the bottom line and financial markets still will not face the truth that now it’s finally over. There is no role for the banks since this is not a liquidity problem but massive failure of demand.

Despite this, Central Banks round the globe don’t stop ruining our financial future as never seen before.

Limitless printing money is stealing from all us. Our money devaluates every minute. How can it be that small groups of bankers do this without an underlying democratic political process?

As money in the bank is disappearing in thin air, one of the last resorts to invest, real estate, is also expect to plunge.

In recent years, real estate prices soar to surreal heights creating massive devastation, as ordinary people have to spend more and more on housing cost.

But not for long anymore. Unemployment figures will rise sharply and many tenants will be unable to pay the rent.

On the main continent of Europe several countries are studying substantial cash transfers to individuals.

In the United States, the Trump administration is considering to issue 1000 dollar checks to all American households.

The United Kingdom is fighting against the chaos with a proposal for the temporary rollout of universal basic income.

Further, the British government is supporting tenants and property owners.

Not paying the rent in time will from now on not lead to an immediate eviction and landlords get relief on paying back on their mortgage.

However, will this be enough?

On the main continent of Europe, several countries are studying substantial cash transfers to individuals.

Despite all the measures, it seems there is no escape from the financial Armageddon we are in. What the CB’s and politicians left behind is a tremendous global debt and destroyed financial future. At the end of the day, all of us literary will pay the price. Rich and poor.

There is no monetary medicine for this unprecedented worldwide medical emergency, or a safe place to hide.

At the same time, the weakness of the healthcare systems emerges. No government is able to deal with a medical crisis like this.

An unfolding tragedy as an unforeseen force is overruling the financial madness and dictatorship of politicians during the last decades. It is nasty, scary and interesting as well.

Spooky Corona virus undermines central banks policy

Is it game over for the Central Banks with their undermining practices printing unlimited amounts of money, laundering it, ruining savers, pensions funds, first-time home buyers and tenants.

At least for now.

As stock market traders vehemently pushing for action, there is little chance of any effective result from CB’s interference now. It is wide spread belief that stimuli are not enough as people locked up in their homes and transport in large areas is coming to a standstill.

Printing endless amounts of money and artificially low interest rates are obviously no solution for the unprecedented economic impact of the Corona virus. The COVID-19 event is one of unseen dimensions.

Bear in mind that the World economy never really recovered from the financial meltdown in 2008.

Thanks to the controversial practices of central banks, the terminal ill global economic system kept up and running like a Zombie. Recently, stock exchanges arrived at an all-time high.

So far, a fake recovery as savers with money in the bank, pension funds, first time buyers and tenants paid the price.

As a result of the low and negative interest policies, house prices particularly in Europe soar and the rent is nowadays for many ordinary people unaffordable. Poor people literary paying the price and suffering for the 1 % rich.

Those who suffer never got any help from politicians. They keep their mouth shut as it comes to homelessness and sky rocketing rent as a result of the undermining practices of central banks.

In England, many tenants can’t pay the rent any longer and are massively kicked out their homes, forced to sleep on the streets.

The rent of a 25 sq. ft. apartment in London is now at least 1500 pound. It’s not different in other European capitals.

This happens as houses are sold to investors and back on the market at a tremendous higher price.

Let’s be honest with an interest rate of near null percent or even negative, for many investors, there is not much alternative as to withdraw (most) money from the bank and invest in real estate.

Real estate is a safe haven with an often-good return on investment. Negative interest rates are inflating real estate prices all over Europe.

The positive effect from the central banks stimulus on the stock exchanges is fast paced wiping out.  The recent stock market sell-off is considered as scary since there is no “financial” medicine.

Stocks dropped last week, not seen since the financial crisis in 2008, over fears that the Corona virus might ruin the World economy.

Many experts believe the Corona crisis is worse for the world economy than the financial turmoil in 2008.

What is happening is something of another dimension not easily to cure by low interest rates or other stimulating measures.

Most frightening is that it seems impossible to contain the virus spread.

It is similar to spread of the Black Death in the 14th century as cases emerged at the same time in different parts of the World not connected by modern transport.

This contributes to the theory that the Corona virus probably came from outer space.

COVID-19 is already a nightmare and nobody knows where it ends.

Raging fear for a devastating virus

Planet Earth is running out of resources and the environment is on the brink of collapse.

Is a worldwide (clean up) disaster looming?

Some scientists who believe in the self-recuperating forces of nature think that it is only a matter of time that some event, a meteorite, earthquakes, volcanos or a wide spread illness will cause mass extinction and reset the planet.

The corona virus type as emerged in China can wipe out a substantial part of the world population. The economic consequences are tremendous but the planet can breathe again.

What makes the current outbreak of the so called Wuhan coronavirus so dangerous and potentially unbeatable is that the virus can spread by humans before they show any symptoms.

Patients with earlier types of the deadly coronavirus, like Sars and and Ebola are only contagious when symptoms appear.

That makes it relatively easier to identify and isolate patients in an early stage as symptoms appear.

The Wuhan corona virus is an entirely different challenge.

The absence of early symptoms will make the job of the authorities much more difficult.

As the China death number is rising and hospitals overcrowded with sick people, many cities in the affected areas are in total lockdown.

Shops are empty, no food, pharmacists running out of medicine and public transport on hold. It is also forbidden to use your car and drive.

To fight the spread of the virus, authorities expect that travel restrictions will increase to a larger area and widen to an international level.

This all could be enough to cause initially shortages, famine and end up in a worldwide economic crisis never seen before. During the past couple of days, Oil prices fell more than 10 dollar. What’s now going on might end society as we know it.

Surprisingly it can silence the climate terror and put politicians back to reality with both feet on the ground and open eyes for the real threats.

It is a widespread belief that viruses come from outer space.

They hide in meteorites.

As a result, the first affected beings are outdoor living animals.

At a certain stage, the virus mutates and jumps over to the human population. A major (expected) outbreak of a deadly disease that decreases the world population is already overdue.

This might be the one.



Genetically improved battle machines

What an exciting development to begin the New Year. Future warfare as we’ve never seen before.

Defeat the enemy with unbeatable genetically modified super soldiers!

Scientists from DARPA (Defense Advance Research Project Agency) made an approach to the American Army to genetically edit troops to make them better resistant to diseases, chemical and biological attacks.

Crispr gene editing allow scientists to alter one’s DNA by cutting, copying and pasting DNA codes at certain locations in the human genome. The result is a better performing and resistant human body.

So far, DARPA already invested 65 million dollar in the gene-editing research program.

Sources disclose that it is only a matter of time until genetically modified troops are real.

Several government-funded DNA scientists admit that their findings could be useful to improve the resistance of the army and therefore targeting to aid the US military.

According to DARPA director Steven H. Walker, his agency is proactive seeking ways to create sustainable soldiers. “It is all about protecting soldiers from disease, chemical or biological warfare agents by modifying soldier’s genetics”

Walker denied that his aim is creating super soldiers. “It is just turning the human body into an antibody factory”

He emphasizes: “You can use these technologies for good, or you can use them for evil. DARPA is nothing else as using this technology for good purposes to protect our warfighters”

We accept vaccination and other types of medical preventive acts. Genetic engineering is just a new step in the unstoppable development of science.

However, gene editing is still highly controversial. Last month a doctor in China modified genetic material to prevent children from getting HIV. He is sentenced to a 3-year prison term.

Landslide victory for the Conservatives, UK escapes communism

With an overwhelming conservative majority in parliament, the UK can now definitely leave the EU at January 31. What a relief!

Voters said NO to the totalitarian regime option of Mr. Jeremy Corbyn.

No nationalization of companies and free internet on taxpayer’s money. Some major companies took measures behind closed doors just in case the Corbyn regime should land on solid ground.

British Utility companies developed a doom scenario to escape Corbyn’s nationalization plans by moving head offices abroad. No Corbyn evasion after this splendid result.

The final Brexit legislation can now easily pass parliament. Only 6 weeks left as the dark era of horrible EU jurisdiction and suppressive legislation will come to an end.

As patient’s dying on British hospital floors, billions of pounds can now go to the crippled NHS instead of Brussels. Mr. Boris Johnson did it and a major recovery operation for the National Health Service has been announced.

Great news is that voters don’t buy the climate change scaremongering, as the Green party did not get significant support at the polling stations.

It is a new dawn for the country as Mr. Boris Johnson said. He now can stay in office to get done what must be done.

At the very same time it is a sad moment for Europe. A major influential country is leaving the block.

Europe’s economy is already in an economic slowdown and foreseeable pushed over the edge as new climate legislation will make it difficult for companies to operate. Not to mention the financial terror from the ECB printing endless money and laundering it with the purchase of government bonds.

The “Green deal” launched this week by EU climate chief Mr. Timmermans, who made name and fame as a Dutch Minister during the MH 17 tragedy, is a serious threat and will drive a major part of the continent into poverty. Thanks to his plans, Europe is heading to become a third world country.

Mr. Boris Johnson, thank you for doing a great job. You have proven to be worth it to be PM of this land.

“We will get Brexit done on time by 31 January, no ifs, no buts, not maybe.”


Wanna buy new wheels? Think twice before going electric!

Isn’t it time that politicians and mainstream media are telling the whole truth and nothing but about battery powered vehicles?

Think twice before ordering a battery car as the production of electricity and batteries is far from clean as you might think.

Even electricity produced by solar power cells and windmills is revealed as a tremendous environmental hazard.

This is caused by the chemical gas named Sulphur hexafluoride (SF6). This gas is used as an insulator to prevent power grid transformers and switches from short cuts, fires and other unwelcome events.

Due to increasing demand and worldwide rapidly expanding power grids, the consequences are disastrous.

Most people never heard about SF6 but leaks in the European area (UK included) are comparable with the yearly emission equivalent of 1.3 million cars on the road. This gas is causing 23.500 times more global warming than carbon dioxide (CO2). It remains in the atmosphere for at least 1000 years.

The grow in demand for electricity lead to more connections to the electricity grid. With this comes a rise in the number of electrical switches and circuit breakers (switchgear). The gas is required to prevent serious accidents and keeps things running.

The impact of SF6 will get even worse as the grid is in transition towards a dramatic upgrade. More power lines, transformers and switchgear are required to push society into electric.

As this is not enough, scientists come with another shock revelation. Battery charging is a complete energy disaster. Over 50% of the electrical energy is during the charging procedure lost.

The battery converts at least half the energy input directly into heat and cannot be used for driving or other purposes. It is a highly inefficient process and a scandal of unseen proportions that the mainstream media is completely silent about it.

Electric driving is not the most favorite thing in England. At the moment, less than 0.5 percent of the vehicles in the UK are electric.

A poll shows that 71 % of the British motorist’s next car will be, again, a fossil fuel powered one.

Limited mileage, a power grid not capable of handling massive demand and a lack of charging points withheld a majority of the drivers from going electric.

This comes amid the announcement of major car manufacturers that Hydrogen is on the verge of becoming reality. Instead of batteries, a Hydrogen powered fuel cell provides electricity to power the vehicle. At the end of the day, Hydrogen is far more efficient and environmental friendly.

Insiders in the auto industry expect that within 5 years, hydrogen cars will slowly but surely push out the battery-powered systems.

Despite small improvements in battery technology, more and more experts are convinced that battery powered cars do have its limitations and the mining of lithium is an environmental issue in it selves. A revolution towards dramatically improved batteries is not in sight. Battery driving is seen as something temporarily.

I love to save the environment but when it comes to the transition of the automotive industry, I recommend Hydrogen. Governments should make the right choice and stimulate Hydrogen distribution. Don’t buy the scam of battery- powered cars.