Hydrogen Car Breakthrough

As the world lithium resources are not endless and fossil fuel is fading away, scientists are working in overdrive mode to improve hydrogen fuel as the near future power source for electric cars.

A major problem with hydrogen is to overcome the limited efficiency of the current storage models.

Now it looks like scientists at the University of Michigan made a huge step forward in solving this boundary.

The researchers discovered a way to scram a significantly increased amount of hydrogen into smaller storage structures.

Metal-organic frameworks, with a high energy density, make it visible to store a large amount of hydrogen on board.

This opens the door to a further extension of the hydrogen vehicle driving range.

The future looks bright for hydrogen powered cars since we are talking about a zero emission power source that emits water only. Hydrogen is far more common as lithium is. Chances are zero that there ever will be a supply issue

But there are still some frontiers to overcome.

Another question to overcome is how to get hydrogen at the gas station. Should we transport hydrogen in a liquid form in trucks or through a pipeline system.

It is without any doubt that the next generation electric vehicles will not be powered by batteries but hydrogen instead.

Scientists are convinced that the performance of lithium ion batteries is already at a maximum. They assume we are on the ceiling of what batteries can deliver.

Therefore we should refrain from battery technology the soonest.

Worldwide, a growing number of fire incidents with electric vehicles are reported. The high voltage technology, continuously present through the -always on- batteries, makes assistance during accidents on the road and even in the parking mode a risky operation.

The limited mileage and not to forget the eyebrow raising environmental issues that come with the production of the very toxic lithium ion batteries are pushing carmakers and scientists over new frontiers.

It is impossible to power all cars around the globe with lithium ion batteries. This will cause an environmental disaster of unseen proportions.

Not to forget that power grid operators are warning they cannot deliver as the infra structure in America and Europe is not ready for massive demand. It is an illusion that this issue can be addressed within a visible time frame. At least not in the next decades.

While time is running out for fossil fuels and lithium as well, the solution is Hydrogen as power source to replace battery technology.

It’s not CO2 but a looming shortage of fossil fuel. Last week it emerged that the output of Saudi Arabia’s largest oil fields has, again, dropped significantly.

CO2 levels in the atmosphere are not dangerously high at all.

Companies extracting carbon from the air to turn into oil and other products are struggling because of – as they complain- the comparatively low concentrations of CO2 in the air make it difficult to design efficient machines to remove the gas.

Unmistakably, we should save the last oil resources in this world for other purposes instead of bluntly burning it.

BMW as well as American and Japanese carmakers believe in hydrogen as power source. They are convinced that it is not “if” but “when” the hydrogen powered electric car will replace the current fossil fuel and battery powered vehicles.

Brexit: Easier Said Than Done

On the very day Britain originally should say goodbye to the EU, big disappointment. Brexit is not happening; on the contrary in a complete deadlock situation.

Today, for the third time in a row, members of Parliament rejected the withdrawal agreement now plunging the country in nothing less as a constitutional crisis and leaving voters in limbo.

The government lost again with 58 votes short to get the withdrawal deal, at least partially, passed.

If -at least on the short term, a hard Brexit is very unlikely, the U.K. is unavoidably heading for another humiliation; participating in the elections for a new European Parliament in May.

Furious Brexiteers gathered outside Parliament to protest against the day by day diminishing chances of leaving the EU. Some protesters were arrested.

The economic and financial damage is mounting day by day.

The PM has now until April 12th to decide what to do and possibly ask in Brussels for an extension of the negotiating process. In the meanwhile, chances are materializing that Britain will be forced to organize General Elections for the European Parliament as Brexit is fading away.

Another route is the no deal scenario. Possible, but still unlikely.

Awaiting next week further votes on proposals in Parliament, for now we can conclude that, so far, democracy has failed.

Brexit drama: Billions of pounds already down the drain

Whether it is unclear Brexit will ever happen at all, the British economy is already suffering Hugh financial losses.

Many large companies already left the country and financial experts warn companies to remove all financial assets from the U.K.

Not to mention the fleeing EU workforce as more and more workers from outside Britain leaving the UK in chaos behind.

Continuity of the NHS workforce is seriously compromised as many employees quit their jobs and go back to Europe. Similar problems at many other institutions and companies as the workforce disappears in thin air.

I am not surprised that earlier this week the PM lost her voice. The ongoing Brexit circus is taking its toll. Every GP can confirm that stress is a very bad thing for your immune system.

It is not about capital leaving the country only. Millions of Brexit pounds spend by the government already went down the drain. Money spend on malicious advisors and -not to forget- a so call ferry company that –in case of a no deal- should assist carrying goods but had no experience at all.

Most surprising is the timing of the legal advice to parliament that happened AFTER renewed negations. Wouldn’t it be better to send experienced legal advisors with Mrs. May on her EU visits?

Mrs. May keeps on trying to persuade MP’s. Next week for the third time in a row. She warns that another defeat can lead to a very long Brexit delay and probably end up in no Brexit at all.

It is always easy to join the party. Now we face reality and become aware how difficult it is to unwind the EU relationship. Let me warn other EU countries that the EU is like a sect; almost impossible to escape.

I believe this great country should take the (temporarily) pain for granted and leave without a deal. The self-healing capacity of Britain is enormous.

Fiscal punishment based on scientific errors?

Climate change occurs, right in front of our very eyes.

But is it really caused by humanity or are other influences -as the ongoing polar shift and changes in Earth’s rotation- due to this event?

What we know so far is that governments millions of people and companies in the England and Europe heavily charge to fight climate change with arguments that might be based on wrong data and at the end of the day cannot be changed by altering human’s behavior. This wrong data ruins the car and other industries and drive low income citizens into poverty.

Something is going on with our planet.

The North Pole is currently moving away from its original position with a speed of at least 50 km per year. It moves from Alaska to Siberia.

This shift is on going monitored by scientists in the United States to provide adjustment updates to traffic operators like airlines and the military. It emerged that during the recent government shut down in America, as these updates came to a hold, there was worldwide anxiety.

The polar shift is a fact. And not the magnetic field only; the earth axis moved as well.

There is a wobble in the earth axis rotation.

Some scientists argue that the instability of the earth axis is due to melting ice and therefore a result of climate change. This is not a sufficient explanation why this happened in earth’s long time history as well.

A major axis shift governments don’t wanna talk about happened in 2004.

This event caused the Indonesian Tsunami and Earthquake.

After the 2004 shift, the sun “moved” from its original position and has been rising and setting north of the United States at the longest day in June. Further scientists notice changes in animal behavior and migration patterns.

It is worldwide observed that seasons are changing. In the Northern hemisphere autumn is not that cold as it was and spring is relatively cooler as during the last century.

So is it CO2 or something else that influences weather patterns?

According to computer models, it is definitely not CO2 that changes the climate. As I wrote in this blog on September 8, 2017, there is no scientific evidence for climate change caused by humans.

Thanks to very sophisticated, high level artificial intelligence, Australian biologist Jennifer Morohasy together with computer scientist John Abbot draw their conclusions. Climate change is definitely not caused by CO2.

So what is really happening?

Scientists are increasingly depending on computer algorithms. They go with the flow of automated computer data and draw conclusions based on a seemingly false output.

It emerged that current machine learning techniques for analyses of collected data are leading to numbers and figures that are misleading law makers and in many cases absolutely wrong.

Scientist dr. Genevera Allen working at the RICE University in Houston Texas warned that the automated programs to digest data can deliver unreliable results.

The software running on these computers is identifying patterns that are related to the abstract data fed into the computer do, unfortunately, not exist in the real world.

There are a huge number of research results that cannot be reproduced when another group of scientists tries the same experiment. This is unmistakably proof that the initial results were wrong.

It is feared that especially in the biomedical field up to 85% of all biomedical research carried out on this planet is definitely wrong. The risk of false data can easily be projected on climate studies.

Nothing less than a very alarming science crisis.

Now we know that science is often not able to (re)produce accurate results and studies. The output is controversial and debatable.

Politicians should be very cautions to build a strategy on scientific quick sand.

Especially in Europe, companies and citizens are driven over the edge by a climate scam that feeds a policy of fiscal punishment.

This is why Europe is not a good territory to invest and why manufacturers are moving away from the UK and the continent.

And not to forget: CO2 is great for nature. In fact it makes our planet greener. Millions of years back in time, CO2 levels were much higher as today. There is no evidence that this caused significant harm.

“Hold your horses” as EU budget is under siege

As time runs out for achieving an orderly Brexit, the EU is financially preparing for the worst.

In case of a no- deal Brexit, Britain will stop EU payments at the end of March immediately.

It emerged that the EU is already holding back payments to the UK and other EU member states. There is an official request to be very cautious as it comes to new spending.

As part of the rejected Brexit deal, the U.K. is expected to keep on with the EU payments until next Year as the current budget period end.

In the meantime it seems very unlikely that plan B, whatever it will be, is acceptable for neither the Members of Parliament nor the EU.

Staying in the customs union, to prevent a hard border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic, is unacceptable for most Brexiteers.

Compared with the present situation this will bring little change.

On the other hand, a return of the hard border will incur a substantial risk pushing the UK and Ireland back into civil war.

After Theresa Mays failure earlier this week to get the Brexit agreement through Parliament, the EU budget is now under siege.

To limit the impact of a sudden contribution stop by one of the biggest net-EU contributors, the European Commission stepped on the brakes and asked the staff to be very cautious with new spending.

An EU spokesman said: “Beneficiaries whose projects have already been signed will not be affected — all legal and contractual obligations will be honored. This precautionary measure only concerns new projects.”

A picture says a thousand words

Who is not happy with this president?

CNN (The Communist News Network) maybe.

The troops in Iraq and Germany were in a euphoric mood as the “one of a kind” President of the United States arrived for an unexpected visit during the Christmas holiday.

Image Source: VOA