Think twice before you get into Organ Donation

Patient’s should rethink before they get into Organ Donation. Beware of the Lazarus phenomenon, when the dead come back to life.

When it is coming to donated organs, “thanks”, to the so called Cell Memory Phenomenon you can inherit something more than the organ only.

Doctor’s should inform patients that organs taken away from donors can act as a hard drive with habits and experiences from the donor stored in the organ. Receiving body parts from another person can change your life drastically and dramatically. From an altered character to a complete messed up body system.

Medical scientists are aware but won’t tell you that it is very well possible to lose your original identity after receiving a donor’s organ. The so called Cell Memory Theory explains that donor organs contain stored data from the original donor such as peculiar habits, behavior, personal memories and even the way one experiences life.

In other words: Recipients of donor organs can get a completely different life. And often not in a way it should be.

In America and Europe, cornea, kidney, and heart transplants are most common. Nowadays, the highest survival rate is for patients with a donated heart. After five years, their survival rate is almost 75%. In the aftermath strange things can occur.

It became obvious that for these patients the heart is unfortunately more than a lifesaving pump. According to the Cellular Memory Theory it turns out that the heart is an organ capable to store memories through combinatorial coding by nerve cells.

The cell memory phenomenon, or Lazarus effect, is still controversial but supported by many scientists and physicians. The behaviors and emotions acquired by the recipient from the original donor are due to the combinatorial memories stored in the neurons of the organ donated.

The most susceptible to cell memory are heart transplants where recipients experienced literally a change of heart.

However, it must be said that the Lazarus effect is not experienced by all patients. Researchers found that 79 percent of patients did not experience any post- surgery change in their personality.

But almost 15 percent experienced a real change in personality due to the life-threatening surgery procedure, and 6 percent did confirm a drastic change in their personality due to their new heart.

Scientists at the School of Nursing at the University of Hawaii, evaluated whether changes experienced by organ transplant recipients were parallel to the donor’s history. They investigated the cases of 10 patients who received a heart transplant and found up to five parallels per patient post-surgery in relation to their donor’s history.

The particular donor duplicates that were observed in the study were changes in food, music, art, sexual, recreational, and career preferences in addition to name associations and sensory experiences.

Remarkable detail: In the University of Hawaii study, a patient received a heart transplant from a man who was killed by gunshot to the face, and the organ recipient then reported to have dreams of seeing hot flashes of light directly on his face.

Aside from scientific research, there are several real-life cases that support the cell memory theory.

In her book “A change of heart”, Mrs. Claire Sylvia, a heart transplant recipient reveals her experiences after a heart transplant.

This patient received the organ from an 18-year-old male that died in a motorcycle accident. Having his heart inside her body, she has a craving for beer and chicken nuggets after the surgery. She also began to have reoccurring dreams about a man named ‘Tim L.’ upon searching the obituaries, Sylvia found out her donor’s name was Tim and that he loved all of the food that she craved, according to her book.

In another recent case of possible cell memory, Australian girl Demi-Lee Brennan’s blood group was changed after receiving a liver transplant from her donor.

Nine months after the initial transplant, doctors found out that Brennan had changed blood types and she acquired the immune system of the donor due to the stem cells of her new liver transferring over to her bone marrow. “In effect she had had a bone marrow transplant. The majority of her immune system had also switched over to that of the donor,” Michael Stormon, a hepatologist who treated Brennan at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

In a worst case scenario, organ donation can save and ruin your life at the same time. The human body is not a car. It is not “a new engine, the same car” Organ donation can be more than a new body part. It can easily end up in becoming an entirely different human being.




Tesla dream disappears in thin air; Power grids around the world can’t handle massive future demand

Elon Musk’s Tesla dream is not sustainable. Electric Vehicle producer Tesla is among other EV manufacturers facing a dark future.

Beside the problem that lithium battery powered cars are not environmental friendly at all, the most alarming is coming from power grid operators telling it is impossible to fulfill future demand.

The current Power grid systems are designed in a different period of time when electric cars didn’t exist. It seems to be impossible to charge even a little number of cars in one street at the same time.

A spokesperson from UK Power networks revealed to me that EV driving requires an entire new or very costly upgraded cable network, transformers etc. Therefore massive electric driving on batteries seems to be utopia.

At the same time environmental specialists express their sorrow about mining of lithium which requires tremendous amounts of scarce water.

While lithium resources are limited, there still is no sufficient battery technology to make battery powered vehicles a real competitor to fossil fuel powered vehicles. The limited life time of lithium batteries makes used EV unmarketable

Insiders are convinced that the future is for Hydrogen powered electric cars. Big car manufacturers expect the real breakthrough in a couple of years from now. Shell has worldwide plans to upgrade gas stations with hydrogen outlets.

Toyota proudly presented this year the first widely commercial available hydrogen car Mirai. The car comes in the USA with an 8 year warranty on all key fuel cell components for only $ 50.000. With tax benefits it is 5 to 10 grands less. In the Los Angeles area many Hydrogen fuel stations are now operational. In Europe, behind the scene, developments are ongoing.

Ten years ago BMW presented one of the world’s first Hydrogen powered cars and is expecting to be back with new models within a couple of years. The premium car manufacturer is waiting for more Hydrogen gas stations.

It all means more bad news for Tesla. Since demand for Tesla EV’s is beneath expectations there is overcapacity at the Tesla battery plant in Nevada. Elon Musk now tries to sell his batteries to homes and business.

The media lapped it up and consumers began ordering the “ultimate” home battery solution.

But, again, energy storage experts heavily doubt this product. Panasonic calls Musk’s home battery project “Hyperbole” The expected life time of these batteries is 5 or 6 years. This is a too short life span for an acceptable return on investment.

Panasonic spokesman Phil Hermann said in an earlier interview with The Guardian:

“We are at the very beginning in energy storage in general. Most of the projects currently going on are either demo projects or learning experiences for the utilities. There is very little direct commercial stuff going on. Elon Musk is out there saying you can do things now that the rest of us are hearing and going, ‘really?’ We wish we could but it’s not really possible yet.”

Tensions in the North Atlantic, U.S. Fleet command reactivated

A growing concern about the number of Chinese military vessels now operating in the Northern Atlantic, amid Russian submarines put America’s navy on high alert.

Following the increased military threat, last month on the first of July, the U.S. has reactivated the fleet command in the Northern Atlantic to secure the ocean on the East coast.

The reactivation of the East Coast Command is seen as a historic move after the fleet was deactivated in 2011.

American Navy’s 2nd Fleet highest admiral John Richardson is warning on VOA that these vessels are “prowling those waters at a pace not seen since the end of the Cold War”

In euphemistic words, the Chief of Naval Operations called recent developments in both the North Atlantic and alongside the Mediterranean Sea a “new dynamic”.

Compared with just five years ago, the conclusion for today is that we live in a different and far more dangerous world.

The Chinese navy is operating on a global scale and despite it is prepared for immediate action; Chinese activity near the U.S. east coast is not that alarming as the countless number of Russian submarines hiding under the Ocean’s surface and hindering military communications.

The recent worries, not seen in 25 years are shared with the NATO allies.

The biggest fear is not a frontal military confrontation but sabotage of vital undersea Telecom cables between the U.S. and Europe.

Recent developments led to a rethink of priorities. The primary security focus is no longer on terrorism but U.S. national security.

Theresa May should follow Donald Trump’s advice

U.S. President Donald Trump advised U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May to sue the EU. This instead of further negotiating with the bloc.

The position of the British PM is under siege since the Chequers summit agreement that preludes a soft Brexit is in fact no Brexit at all.

The damage caused by the EU to the U.K. and other European countries is tremendous. It’s not about immigration only.

The wide spread and harsh implementation of not relevant and obstructive legislation caused disruption and limited economic growth for decades. Not to forget the hindering of vital lifesaving scientific research on embryos.

I urge EU member states to prevent Brussels from producing any new painstaking suppressive legislation and unwind all controversial, harmful, costly and obstructive laws. The EU commission should be dismantled.

As it comes to reproductive freedom, the way Europe dominates family life is an outrage.

Governments should not interfere when it comes to reproductive matters. We are talking about humans own flesh and blood. It is not up to lawmaker’s interfering in vital and private reproductive choices. They should stay out of this.

Once upon a time, the EU as economic bloc was not a bad idea at all. But over the years, the EU has been transformed into a dictatorship, causing big financial and operational havoc all over Europe.

As England leaves, the rest of Europe will pay the damage. EU politicians really don’t care. They are not prepared to sober the sky high spending bill.

As being exempt from all sorts of income tax these horrible lawmakers are fully responsible for the most massive deterioration in household’s spending income since World War II.

Hardest hit is the Northern hemisphere of Europe.

Europe is under siege of the notorious alcoholic Mr. Juncker, while drunk supported not only by a wheelchair but also a number of other dictators described as the European Commission.

It seems Donald Trump is one of the very few political leaders in the world putting the interest of his (American) voters first.

In America, many politicians are successful celebrities. They got their status after working hard for the money. Most of them earned there fortune often in businesses, entertainment or arts. The remuneration for their political work is no more than a lump sum.

On the contrary, in Europe, most politicians are just doing the job to financially serve themselves.

They are grosso modo definitely not self-supporting. But while these parasites live the good life on tax payers money, their only objective is pushing citizens over the edge with redundant legislation and every day new different kinds of taxes. This creates a big uncertainty leaving companies and citizens in limbo about what’s next.

Thank God the UK never joined the Euro. The Euro currency is like a zombie, kept alive by the illegal money printing practices of Mr. Draghi and the Mafia bankers surrounding him. The money theft by the ECB is astronomical. The heavily debated losses caused by tax evasion are nothing compared to the financial damage provoked by the Central Bank of the Eurozone.

By keeping rates artificially low, they steal day in, day out massive amounts of interest from workers, savers and pension funds. At the same time household’s income deteriorates as the artificial ECB inflation is mounting and money is less and less worth.

The European mass media are, for whatever reason, silent about this damage.

It is obvious; there is no freedom of press in Europe. No freedom at all. In my time as a journalist it was common practice to secretly follow embargoes and being silent about sensitive government information. I believe it is not different nowadays, possibly even worse. The only thing new is that it is more visible.

We now have the internet with countless alternative news outlets.

I fear this will be not sufficient to stop this shogunate club of non-elected EU politicians categorically failing to serve voters demand.

Brexit is melting down as the special UK–US relationship evaporates

While Boris Johnson, UK minister of foreign affairs is warning that the Brexit negotiations are on the verge of melting down, another shock comes from the United States. Donald Trump doesn’t like the British prime minister.

With calling her a “school mistress” the so called special relationship between America and the UK seems to be gone with the wind. England needs the United States desperately as the business relationship with the EU, and no agreement in sight, is tearing down.

Instead of a bilateral meeting with Mrs. Theresa May at the G7 in Canada, Donald Trump is meeting face to face with the French President Macron.

It is rumored that in America irritation is mounting up about the school mistress tone from Theresa May.

The potus is completely fed up with Mrs. May. She is merely focusing on policy discussions instead of a normal conversation. The American President has the feeling that May is trying to take advantage of the long standing special relationship between Britain and the US.

A former White House official who was present in meetings between Trump and May signaled no recognizable tensions however “she is basically behaving as a school mistress”

Let me add to it that her voice sometimes even sounds like a school mistress.

The White House official doubt anyone gets on well with her.

Particularly her increasing demands and publicly condemnation of acts from the US president is putting a strain on the relationship.

The U.S. president is unmistakably annoyed that May publicly condemns his actions. Alongside this irritation, Mrs. May is considered as being too politically correct.

Trumps feelings and thinkings of the British prime minister is a blow for the U.K. government who hopes to strike a post Brexit trade deal with the United States. This to compensate lost business in Europe that could occur after Brexit.

How promising it was. As the first world leader the British Prime Minister visited Mr. Trump. But what looked like a sunny working together ended in an endless struggle to form a close political relationship. They simply don’t like each other.

Another agitation is Mrs. May blasting Donald Trump for trying to bring Vladimir Putin back as a G7 member. The Russian president was kicked out after annexing Crimea.

I believe that especially in Europe, politicians should keep in mind that a majority of the Crimean people are in favor being part of Russia. At the same time Crimean’s have not any positive feeling for the European Union.

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are real leaders. I honestly cannot find any substantial leader in Europe. I never heard someone in Brussels declaring that the EU’s aim is to operate in the benefit of the European people.

There is absolutely no “good for Europe” like “good for America”

The only thing European politicians are able to is making life uneasy, grabbing peoples money with more and more taxes and creating more or less illegal laws behind the back of the population, just to border Europe’s inhabitants.

European voters are over and over again massively ignored. In America a vote counts. In Europe certainly not. It’s a dictatorial territory. Look at how politicians ignored the outcome of several referendums. It was all in vain.

Therefore, the UK’s decision to leave the EU is the right one. It is a pity that it seems we currently do not have politicians powerful enough to better negotiate Brexit. A Trump like approach is highly recommended.

Is Europe on the verge of financial havoc? European countries massively repatriate Gold

With growing Euroscepticism in many European countries, the ongoing and vast process of Britain leaving the E.U., unrest in Catalonia, rising differences between East European countries and Brussels and -not to forget- the out of nothing ever money printing ECB, uncertainty grows to levels never seen before.

The ECB keeps on pumping Euro’s with its never resting money machine.

Creating money out of nothing is not sustainable. Debts are now higher as in 2008 when the big financial crisis began. All circumstances that led up to this crash persist and got even worse.

Nothing has changed as a consequence. But now it’s deeper and nastier. This time, governments will not be able to save crippled banks.

Afraid of severe money deterioration and a still possible collapse of the most disgusted currency ever, many European nations now repatriating their gold reserves.

Collapse of the Euro will unmistakably lead to governments in failure as well. Next time, no more tax payer’s money to the big banks.

Many European countries have stored their Gold mostly outside Europe, in what is believed safe heavens like America.

Under deep secret circumstances nations now pulling their gold out of foreign storage facilities to restore their own vaults.

We are in the middle of a reversed gold rush that started a couple of years ago. The latest in the row of countries pulling back their Gold is Hungary.

With other countries Hungary believes that another economic crisis and collapse of the EU is looming.

By repatriating gold, the country is able to regain power as the European Union falls apart.

Gold is a valuable and scarce recovery instrument in case European countries are forced into a return to national currencies.

But in the past many national banks sold a major part of their Gold stock which now can turn out as something unforgivable and very stupid.