Donald Trump heading for Britain in July, but still no full blown state visit

It was not another bad hair day but a vitriol remark from the POTUS about the too expensive no go area location of the new American Embassy here in London.

The official visit is now rescheduled as a working visit on July 13th. This will be a “light” version of the full blown state visit Prime Minister May had in mind.

At the moment, it remains unclear whether Donald Trump will visit the queen yes or no. But very likely.

Except of U.S. president Johnson, her Majesty so far met every serving US president during her reign.

How to keep demonstrations, crime and disorder as far away as possible is a potential security nightmare. To avoid any confrontation, it is rumored that the U.S. president won’t go anywhere he can publicly shout at.

The announcement of the July visit comes amidst Trumps renewed criticism about the new U.S. embassy in South London. He called the move to this new location “lousy” and “horrible”

Earlier, he refused to cut the ribbon on new the embassy building and refrained from visiting the U.K.

Today, the appalling embassy building in Vauxhall holds an 800 members staff and cost over a billion tax payers dollars.

The decision to move the embassy to the new location was made by a former U.S. president and based on security issues.

The old building in Mayfair was too small to accommodate modern security equipment.

No future for battery powered vehicles, Tesla might go bust

I am not against electric powered driving. Sure, I do my best endeavors saving the environment.

So far so good as long as electric transportation is not getting the energy from batteries.

It’s an outrage plundering the environment for scares recourses like lithium and more. I believe, electric transportation should get its power from modern hydrogen supporting fuel cells.

What a shame. In most countries today there is no sufficient supporting infrastructure for hydrogen cars.

Car manufacturers like BMW and many others can’t wait to go ahead with fuel cell technology, the real big change in automotive. What the heck are we waiting for?

I don’t understand why governments worldwide do not refrain from pushing and supporting battery powered transportation.

Who wants to drive a battery car? Many driver’s renunciate battery cars since the mileage is restricted to relatively short distances and charging is taking an awful lot of time.

Battery cars do not work in the cold upper Northern hemisphere climate. There is no way to drive or heat a car with a battery powered system from minus 15-20 degrees Celsius.

To make things worse, the life expectancy of car battery packs is no longer as 5 to 6 years. This makes used battery powered vehicles worthless. Used cars with a near end battery life are hard to sell. Therefore buying a Tesla is one of the worst possible investments.

However, Mr. Elon Musk believes in batteries.

His company never made any profit. Mr. Musk is the only one with a sky high remuneration.

Similar like nature, economics will organize it selves. Economists believe Tesla is now on the brink of bankruptcy. As a prelude Tesla shares dropped 25% last month. So far, the company made a little of 100.000 cars at a 2 billion dollar loss. Inside traders predict that only a miracle can save Tesla from total collapse.

What a bad news for all those enthusiastic -state sponsored- Tesla drivers.

And the havoc is not in the financial playing field only. The so called self-driving technique is far from ready.

After a deadly crash in California last month, Tesla is now under investigation by the authorities.
An Apple engineer, relying on the self-driving abilities of his Model X car, died in the incident.

Not talking about the numerous other technical issues. Tesla recently voluntarily has recalled 123,000 Model S vehicles. They found excessive corrosion in the power steering system.

Our weird, alien made, Moon

Something seems to be shockingly wrong with the traditional explanation where our Moon came from.

The official story is that the Moon broke off after Earth was struck by a huge planetary object like Mars.

But a growing number of conspiracy theorists believe the history of the Moon cannot be explained by natural causes like that and therefore it must be an artificially created object.

Scientists agree that the Moon is essential for life on Earth. With its gravity it influences the seasons and plays an essential role stabilizing the earth rotation.

But there is more. Physicists are unable to explain why the Moon is as large as it is. In the Universe, planets like Earth, as far as we know, have usually smaller companions.

Instead of the 2000 miles diameter, Earth’s moon should have a size around 40 miles.

The most embarrassing is the position of the Moon. This heavenly body is exactly 400 times smaller than the Sun and exactly 400 times closer to the Earth.

Another weird fact is that our Moon revolves at exactly one hundredth of the speed that the Earth turns on its axis.

Compared to other moons in the universe, the most crucial pattern and number sequence values of our moon are consistent.

Divide the circumference of the Sun by that of the Moon and multiply it by 100. Now you get the polar circumference of the Earth. Coincidence?

Measurements and correlations between Earth, Sun and Moon are so precise that any differentiation in the figures would inevitably lead to visible changes and major disruption of life on Earth.

Solar eclipses are a good example of how well balanced the position of the Moon is

In case the Moon was not perfectly aligned as it is, the Sun would no longer be able to conceal itself so perfectly and predictably behind the Moon.

Further to this: The Moon is, as everybody knows, never revealing the dark side.

Some also believe that the Moon is hollow. In that perspective NASA admits the Moon does ring like a bell when hit by an object.

During the Apollo 12 mission, shock waves made by the lunar probe lasted for no less than 55 minutes. One mission later, the Apollo 13’s Saturn rocket booster left the Moon behind shaking for three hours and 20 minutes.

The facts and values surrounding the Moon are too perfect and precise to explain this small planet as something born by coincidence.

I believe our Moon is part of an alien project. To make life on Earth possible, the Moon is an unmissable part of the system. Beyond that, we are increasingly aware that basically everything on and around our planet is well organized and put in place. All orchestrated by an alien influence.

On a day 2 day basis, aliens coming from other places, far away in the Universe, are still involved in Earth’s matters.

Not politicians but extra-terrestrials do have the final directive power over what’s going on. What a relieve that there is something more powerful and smarter as the stupid and often ill minded creatures governing the world of today.

Only a few stable politicians and certain dedicated units of intelligence services are well informed about the alien presence and interference.

For the so called ordinary people it is too much a burden to have this knowledge. They should be satisfied with the simplified story that is massively distributed by varieties of religions and debunkers.

Creation is real. But not in an infantile way priests are telling you. It is far more exiting and better explainable than the Bible does.

Aliens who created Earth gave humans great freedom in making decisions. That’s why the gradation of extra terrestrial interference is limited to prevent life threatening acts from humans.

The freedom given to humans is part of their study. They want to learn how this planet’s inhabitants manage good and evil.

However at the end of the day, as I said, the creators decide.

Extraterrestrials will prevent nuclear war. Such a kind of destruction is not aloud not happen. At least not on a large scale. That is why there are so many UFO sighting above and around nuclear facilities and other military installations.

The alien management is mostly hidden from the public. This is because they do not want to present themselves for a wide audience or cause anxiety or disruption.

Church is becoming obsolete. Nowadays people have far more knowledge as in the days the Bible was written.

To keep church services alive, it is unavoidable to update the message. Please have the guts to explain that God is a highly sophisticated creating alien influence as described in the Holy Bible.

Myriads of viruses and bacteria are swirling and twirling from the sky

Viral and bacterial contamination from an unexpected source.

Scientists now discovered that billions of viruses and bacteria are not transmitted by living beings only but transported over the air and literally falling from the sky as well.

The Journal of the International Society for Microbial Ecology reports that many viruses and bacteria must be spread over the air since genetically identical viruses are found in different locations and environments round the globe.

Most of the transport activity takes place in the troposphere, the part of the atmosphere above us in which the most part of the weather patterns occur.

Massive amounts of viruses and bacteria are swept up from the planet’s surface and directly transported into the most remote area’s to drop on the planet’s surface.

The assumption that viruses might fall from the sky is not new.

For a long time it is believed that viruses can drop from the sky and not necessarily originate from Gaia.

Since unexplainable entirely new types of viruses are found, scientists think it is very well visible that they also come with dust and debris from outer space.

From the universe or earth, it is estimated that daily over 800 million viruses and bacteria are deposited per square meter above the planetary boundary layer.

They find their final way back to the earth surface carried by rain and dust.

There is a positive note about all of this.

Scientists agree that the worldwide deposits of viruses and bacteria could help ecosystems to quickly get used to upcoming environmental changes.

Astonishment in Downing Street as the Potus cancelled visit

It must be a shock in Downing Street. Breaking news! The Potus is not visiting the U.K. next month to open the new American Embassy in London.

In a Twitter message Donald Trump said he was not a “big fan” of the new embassy. It was a “bad deal”.

Reason I canceled my trip to London is that I am not a big fan of the Obama Administration having sold perhaps the best located and finest embassy in London for “peanuts,” only to build a new one in an off location for 1.2 billion dollars. Bad deal. Wanted me to cut ribbon-NO!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 12, 2018

Since Britain is moving away from Europe, all hopes are focused on other trade partners like the United States.

But now it turns out that Therese May’s visit to the White House was at least a little too optimistic. Since last year, a growing number of American companies are leaving the U.K.

Close friends or not that close anymore?

However, it must be recognized that the February visit was not THE full state visit offered by Theresa May and the Queen.

This should take place later this year. But no firm date for a state visit had ever been agreed, nor had the White House provide any details of the trip so far.

The cancelation of the February visit is seen by many as a confirmation of bad feelings about British media criticizing Donald Trump.

U.S. sources told me that the American President is fed up about the ongoing bashing of his Presidency by the BBC.

Additionally, there is fear that the negative sentiment in the British media will spark large scale protests.

Further a number of political clashes between Donald Trump and Mrs. May could lay behind the decision.

The British government is now in panic mode and declined to comment on Mr. Trump’s working trip cancellation.

Wishing you a safe and sound 2018!

I am sure you agree with me that we live in a dangerous world. Not seen since the cold war era. Today the planet seems to be just a few steps away from total nuclear destruction. The North Korean government called the latest UN Security Council sanctions “an act of war” It is believed that the North Korean missiles can reach America and Europe. The American president certainly will be able to deal with this threat.

Here in the United Kingdom, other worries are still mounting. Brexit is now in complete chaos and despite a provisional agreement with the EU in Brussels, negotiations are far from finalized and the Home Office is advising new EU foreigners to leave. Since many differences are unsolved, a hard Brexit, just walking away from the table, is coming closer to the edge.

Life’s good in London. But not for all inhabitants. There was the shocking news about terror attacks and –not to forget- the horrifying Grenfell tower blaze that took so many innocent life’s. It was great to see that many officials, the royal family included, addressed the memorial services held for the victims and their family.

In this world, thank God, there is a bunch of good news as well.

The self-driving car is gaining momentum. Certainly in America. Next year commuters in Phoenix (Arizona) will have the option to hail rides in driverless cars via a smartphone app. As they join the ride, a car insurance will cover the risk.

With this, car producer Alphabet wants to ease financial concerns and give a boost to what is seen as the future of automobility.

The trip-based coverage for users includes lost items, problems related to interrupted rides and potential medical expenses.

Since I love driving, I do not see myself in a driver less car soon. But things are rapidly changing. Time will tell.

On the medical science front, the year behind was a remarkable one. Along with milestones, as it comes to incurable diseases, we now can edit the genome of embryos. Just repair faulty DNA. What a great time we live in!

Further we have the mounting UFO disclosures. With more openness about UFO sightings and contacts revealed from official sources, governments are slowly but surely preparing the world for shocking revelations. We are not alone.

Despite all these great developments, on many frontiers, it is still a long way to go. However, I am convinced we are exponentially speeding into a bright future.

Happy holidays.