Do gay people run on a different genetic operating system?

Shocking claims from scientists reveal gay and straight men have different variations of at least two genes that somewhat correlate with their sexual orientation.

The human operating system is based on DNA structures one is born with. Now it looks like even sexual preferences are preprogrammed in the human operating system.

The Scientific Reports journal is reporting that scientists at the North Shore University in Illinois compared the genomes of 1,077 gay and 1,231 straight men from European origin.

They found differences in two genes.

One of those genes, coded SLITRK6, is responsible for brain development and the production of hormones. The other gene is TSHR. This one is responsible for the thyroid function, sexual preferences and weight loss.

Earlier studies have shown that the part of the brain where the SLITRK6 hormone is based, the hypothalamus region, is in gay men 34 % larger as in heterosexual men.

The TSHR gene has also something to do with the reproduction capability in woman. Woman with an irregular thyroid function often face severe difficulties getting pregnant.

Dr. Alan Sanders is one of the scientists involved in the study. He told reporters last week that the objective of this controversal study is to search for genetic underpinnings of male sexual orientation. At best it will increase the knowledge of biological mechanisms underlying sexual orientation.

Further he emphasized that “not all men who have the gay genes end up as a gay”

Again softening the findings: “It is understood that probably multiple genes are involved, each with a fairly low effect. There will be men who have the type of gene that increases the chance of being gay, but they won’t be gay”

The scientist warned that the findings are still not much more than speculative. Though they may pave the way for more conclusive studies.

Other researchers also expressed caution, as statistic studies usually involve a much larger and more diverse audience.

Since the study was carried out in European men, it is completely unknown what the result might be in non-European men or lesbian woman.

Scientific upheaval like this is not new. Genetic factors in sexual preferences are attracting scientist’s attention since 1993. It was the year of what reporters called, “The Gay Gene”

A variation discovered in the X chromosome between straight and gay men.

And the latest is another statistic outcome.

Men with an older brother are more likely to be homosexual then those who don’t.

For over two decades, the “Older Brother Effect” statistical study indicates that men who have an older brother are more likely to be gay than those without.

World’s biggest threat: It’s not climate change. It’s overpopulation.

After Stephen Hawking, it’s now the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, that has warned overpopulation could have dramatic effects for the planet.

Overpopulation is an issue politicians don’t like to address and mostly avoided by the mainstream media. They simply do not have the guts to talk about it. Mass media often are afraid of controversial issues.

Earlier I posted on this page, according computer calculations, that there is no absolute scientific evidence climate change is caused by human influences; however, mankind is ruining the earth’s scarce resources in an exponential speed.

Instead of focusing on the real cause of environmental problems, politicians and the media get on with their human made climate change forgery stories to find a legitimation raising taxes and worsen the life of myriads low income households by increased energy bills.

Believe me for both the rich and poor, the real solution is a decreased number of humans on the globe. Life will be much better with a less overcrowded planet.

Back in 2011, it was Prince Williams’s grandfather who made a pledge for voluntary family limitation seen as the only way to tackle the worlds growing human population.

The current situation is so acute that prof. Stephen Hawking recently warned that the human race is doomed if we do not escape earth and colonize other planets as the Moon and Mars the soonest.

Prof. Hawking: “I am convinced that humans need to leave earth. The Earth is becoming too small for us, our physical resources are being drained at an alarming rate”

He also mentioned leaving the Solar System and move to our nearest star system, Alpha Centauri.

Scientists believe there exist one or more habitable planets.

There is an immense pressure on researchers to develop propulsion systems making it possible to travel across the universe in an eye blink.

Some people assume that these jaw dropping systems earlier have been found in crashed UFO’s and now by the U.S. military reverse engineered to copy.

If no action is taken; the human race will end in about 200 years. Beside overpopulation there is the threat of an asteroid strike or the outbreak of incurable viral diseases. We need a back up planet. Now.

The Black Death Plague is back, Medieval horror illness strikes again

According to the World Health Organization, in Madagascar at least 33 people has been killed recently and over 200 infected by one of the deadliest plagues in human history known as the Black Death.

The Black Death disease is known from one of the darkest episodes in mankind.

It was in the fourteenth century that in Europe over 50 million people were killed by a mysterious disease called the Black Death. In some places the entire population was wiped out.

Conspiracy theorists believe the virus came from outer space and was deliberately transferred by aliens.

But we don’t believe that, do we?

It is also known that today descendants of those who survived, thanks to a genetic mutation caused by the virus, are completely immune for the AIDS virus.

Particularly eastern and central Madagascar has been worst hit by the recent outbreak. Red alert warnings and various measures as the closure of public institutions, schools and other places where people gather came into effect.

Different as with AIDS, the Black Death plague is not transmitted by body fluids only, but also airborne.

Therefore, the WHO called the risk of the epidemic spreading “very high” and a massive amount of antibiotics and disinfectant spray has been send to the affected areas.

Nowadays, when treated in an early stage, in most cases, the Black Death disease is curable.

After an incubation time of maximum 7 days, patients infected with the plague are suffering flu like symptoms as fever, head- and body pains as well as weakness, vomiting and nausea.

If not treated more severe symptoms appear like internal bleeding and swollen dark skin spots. Until death arrives.

Despite all the scaremongering about looming viruses and other life threatening diseases, the future is bright.

Ultimately, genetic engineering will bring earth population on the brink of a society in which almost everything is curable.

Advanced computer technology: No scientific evidence for climate change caused by humans

We know that since the very beginning of this planet, over billions of years, earth faced warmer and colder periods. Even during the more “recent” Medieval Warm Period a comparatively warmer climate episode occurred. Those were times without man made machines producing greenhouse gases. It was completely natural.

It is no surprise that scientists increasingly disagree about how “man- made” current climate changes really are.

With the help of very sophisticated, high level artificial intelligence, Australian biologist Jenniffer Morohasy together with computer scientist John Abbot draw their conclusions. Climate change is definitely not caused by CO2.

This shocking outcome was the result of calculations using so called advanced computer neural network technology. This revolutionary computer technique makes it possible to perform advanced calculations beyond standard computer models.

They found that climate change the world today is experiencing is for the most part completely natural. In other words it has nothing to do with CO2 production through human activities.

These findings were recently published in the scientific magazine GeoResJ

Although, for the moment, many scientists around the globe have reached a different consensus on global warming. They believe the self-produced Fairy Tale it is happening because humans eject too much CO2 into the atmosphere.

According to Marohasy and Abbot, this consensus is built on quicksand. A faulty base of axiom’s dating back almost a century ago. A time when research took place to learn about the heat absorption potential of carbon dioxide.

They argue that since that time little additional research has been done and now we arrived in the reality that there is no sufficient evidence to prove that carbon dioxide has the ability to impact world temperatures.

To get things clear, the two scientists began collecting data from prior studies that offered a means of temperature reading over the past 2000 years—tree rings, coral cores etc.

They fed all data into an artificial intelligence, neural network. This system was earlier successfully used to predict rainfall patterns in Australia.

But the neural network computer is also able to produce predictions by looking at other patterns and learning about given situations; in this particular case, worldwide temperature statistics over a length of 2000 years.

What the astonished researcher’s found was that the computer predicted no differences in temperature whether it was with or without the carbon dioxide component.

As mentioned, they also note that there was a time known as the Medieval Warm Period that ran from approximately 986 to 1234, when temperatures were roughly equal to those today.

This is valuable evidence that the planet would have heated up to the temperature it has regardless the influence of 100 years of (human) artificial produced carbon dioxide.

Further they remarked that their results also show global temperature averages declining since 1980.

No reason for alarm because the global warming we are now experiencing seems to be mostly naturally. It will likely abate in a way just as it went in the past.

I believe climate change is generally caused by fluctuations in solar activity and other cosmic circumstances. It is as natural as the seasons. Humans should not try to influence these normal processes.

Nevertheless, there is nothing wrong with attempts to make the world cleaner and efforts to take care of scarce natural resources.

A new milestone: For the first time in earth history: Human DNA successfully edited

A team of researchers from the Oregon Health and Science University for the first time managed to create error free genetically modified human embryos.

The scientists demonstrated with CRISPR that they can alter DNA and doing so prevent diseases by removing genetic mistakes from embryo’s. It was tried earlier but not like now, without faults.

With the CRISPR genome editing technology scientists are able to alter human DNA in single-cell embryos.

Based on a number of recent tests, the scientists are convinced it is definitely possible to safely and efficiently correct defective genes that cause (inherited) diseases.

To demonstrate that faulty genes successfully can be corrected the researchers used donated sperm from men who carried inherited disease mutations

It is the first time in human history this was done without any mistakes.

In the past CRISPR gene editing caused errors in which some cells did not adapt the desired changes. This problem is known as mosaicism.

Now it is proved we can avoid this deterioration by injecting the CRISPR material into the eggs at the very same time they are fertilized with semen. How about that!

Other evidence this technique will work came from offspring mousses that got a different color after their genes were edited.

To avoid widespread havoc and upheaval, the scientists emphasized that the new created embryos were never intended to be implanted into a woman’s womb. Instead they were terminated after developed just a few days later.

As in most regions of this planet, US law prevent scientists from any efforts to turn genetically edited embryo’s into babies. It is strictly prohibited.

That is why the genetically modified embryos were abandoned shortly after developed.

Making better humans with the help of DNA engineering is something most politicians hate.

Tell you why. Many of them don’t want better and smarter humans. It’s too difficult to operate under such circumstances.

Politicians need uncompromised obedient and silent slaves.

Some lawmakers consider genetic engineering as unethical. But is it? We shamelessly agree with improved (genetically engineered) crops and flowers.

But when it comes to our self, illogical boundaries and fear appears. Why shouldn’t we use modern techniques to improve our quality of life.

Remember the old days as electronics giant Philips, after years of producing bad products, came with the controversial ad “let’s make things better” In fact they admitted making less good products before.

Nowadays it is no longer about the rubbish from Philips. We are talking improving humans. Let’s make humans better!

In what a great world we live! Despite it seems to be impossible to rebuild and correct already born malfunctioning humans, with new ones now we can.

Imagine a world without brainless politicians instead a society solely counting premium quality 5 star humans.

And despite it is foreseeable that this recent milestone will make critics play the same old song of fear and scaremongering again, I believe no one can stop the train.

Is it worrisome? What the heck are they afraid for? What’s against well performing and healthy humans by improving physical bodies? At the end of the day this might be the secret of eternal life.

“Fake media trying to silence us, but people know the truth”

In an already historical one-liner U.S. President Donald Trump is warning: “Fake media trying to silence us, but people know the truth”

Nothing more I can agree on.

For over a decade, democracy is dying all around the globe and taken over by the mainstream media. In this mind controlling mediacracy mass media try to decide what is good or bad for people.

Since Donald Trump took office this tactic is hampering.

However, a new weapon is put in place. The latest mass media strategy is being silent. Just not reporting about developments that are “unwelcome”.

Mainstream media are now massively silent about developments they don’t like. Misinformation made place for “just not talking about it”

I know all about it. From big issues as American politics to relatively smaller ones as sex selection and genetic altering in Europe.

No reason to be sad. Certainly not! For the old mainstream media it’s game over.

Attempts from ancient media reporters to change the world into their vision are now DOA. Death On Arrival.

Thanks to internet, consumers are well able to decide where to find news and information. The time of bluntly believing lies coming from predominated old media institutions is finally over.

There is no future for the media dictatorship.

I believe, particularly in Europe, governments should stop state sponsored television and radio immediately. It is a big, big outrage to mislead people with tax payers money.