Using ad blockers could become costly

Fed up with annoying ads? The cure to prevent boring advertising showing up on webpages could become an expensive habit.

More and more people are using ad blockers to restrict any kind of unwanted content showing up on webpages. A new tool, provided by Google, will enable publishers charging website visitors using ad blockers. In some countries it will become a matter of “pay or go away”

In The Netherlands publisher De Telegraaf is begging readers on their knees not to use ad blockers since, as they said, it prevents the company from raising needed funds to go on with their mission.

Ad blockers are an increasing headache for Google as well. For the search engine giant, the very fundamental income from ads is -particularly in Europe- hard hit from the wide spread use of ad blockers.

But Google ads is facing some other problems probably reaching much further than ad blockers only.

The main anger is that ads often show up too late. I experienced several times issues with ads displayed about products I already ordered weeks before.

Therefore, I believe Google ads is working only for consumers not made a purchase decision yet. Be aware that most website visitors are living in the fast lane and rarely wait days or even weeks to make a purchase decision.

This practice makes advertising on webpages in many cases something too little too late.

Another burden is auto playing video’s. But in some browsers like Firefox you don’t need an ad blocker for switching of these often terrible video’s. Just type about:config and you can choose from a bunch of additional browser settings. Disable auto play and life is much less annoying.

To put an end on the slumping ad revenues Google will now enable publishers to charge web visitors that are using ad blockers in the US, UK, Germany Australia, and New Zealand.

Publishers can download a new Google “add on” named “Funding choices”. This tool will force website visitors to switch off the ad blocker or just pay for the content. Visitors not making a choice are prevented from viewing the content any further and advised to leave.

Revenues of payments generated by this new Funding choices tool are partly shared between the publishers and Google (10%).

Google is further announcing to introduce its own ad blocker in 2018. It will be implemented in the next version of Chrome. The Google based ad blocker is pinpointed to remove “unacceptable ads” that are considered as harmful for “genuine” advertisers with less disturbing ads.

Unacceptable Brexit terms: UK might walk away and will not pay !

How about that? There is a famous TV program on channel 5 here in Britain, named “can’t pay, we’ll take it away” It is about renters not willing or able to pay the rent and after a court conviction ordered leaving their homes immediately.

And now we have a different version!

Britain is warning officials in Brussels that it might walk away from the Brexit negotiations as a bad Brexit deal looms. In that case it will not pay a dime of the huge exit sum demanded by the EU.

Should this happen, other EU member states will face a massive tax increase threatening the standard of living.

According to what well-informed sources told me, first talks with EU representatives went “very, very badly”

Britain wants to discuss a trade deal with the EU alongside the divorce negotiations. Not afterwards. But this is not what EU officials have in mind. They want to settle the Brexit terms before talking about trade deals.

Should talks fail then it is highly unlikely that Britain will pay the £50 billion EU divorce bill. And it is almost certain that not a penny will be paid before negotiations are completed.

In this matter, Mrs. May refers to a statement from Brussels: “The EU itself has said that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.” This includes the exit payment.

A recent bomb threat to the talks is the claim from Brussels that negotiations may fall apart after Britain blocked a £5.05billion (€6billion) EU budget increase last week.

This budget increase only will cost British tax payers an additional £673million.

In case negotiations collapse, no payments will be made, Britain will walk away and certainly will not pay.

Leaving the EU: Immigration is not the most important reason. Money and legislation is.

A recent nationwide U.K. poll shows that for most voters, EU payments and ridiculous EU laws is a far heavier burden than the migration issue.

To get rid of EU payments and dictating laws made by individuals from foreign countries is far more important than strengthen border controls.

Anyhow, many believe after the Brexit the immigration problem will mostly remain the same. What should get the highest priority is stopping payments to Brussels immediately and not suffer under European legislation any time longer than necessary. EU jurisdiction in Britain should end the soonest.

Ahead of the negotiations, Theresa May refused again and again to rule out the continuation payments to the EU’s budget.

But in a not misunderstanding result, one of the largest U.K. opinion polls ever held, it became clear that in the mind of most pro Brexit voters cutting off funding to Brussels is the top priority.

Boundaries on immigration for EU nationals is considered as less important than both cutting off EU payouts and being subject to the many times ridiculous and sick rulings of the European Court of Justice.

On the contrary of what many economists and journalists believe, access to the single market was an even lower priority (42 per cent of respondents overall claiming controlling immigration was more important compared to 34 per cent who prioritized the tariff-free trading bloc)

Boris Johnson already eased things by suggesting that Britain could allow EU free movement to continue during a transition period to tighter border controls.

Top doctor’s verdict: Eat more salt, it isn’t bad at all !

Former president of the World Heart Federation Professor Salim Yusuf is shocking the medical world with his conclusion that a too low salt intake is doing the opposite as many leading doctors so far warned for. A diet with a lack of salt may not prevent, but increase the risk of a heart attack !

With his statement he overturns the conventional wisdom on salt consumption. Eating too much salt was always seen as a serious health risk. Now the advice is to consume more salt than the maximum levels in the official medical guidelines.

The professor is not standing alone with his remarks. In a new report, published in the European Heart Journal there is also a pledge from other scientists not to exaggerate lowering salt levels in food.

Several scientists seriously warn for “potential dangers” of a low sodium diet. In the meanwhile there is an urgent call for more research into the effects of extremely low salt levels that have as they say “an uncertain effect on the development of heart diseases and death”

Studies now show amounts below 3 gram of sodium per day will increase mortality, the number of heart attacks and heart failure.

Professor Yusuf warned that it there is evidence reducing the daily salt intake to too low a level undermines the body’s natural balance.

But nutritionists emphasize that reducing salt consumption helps lower blood pressure, which contributes in the fight to reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke.

The salt upheaval comes after “the big fat cholesterol” lie earlier. It is determined that eating foods that contain cholesterol is not dangerous and doesn’t raise blood cholesterol levels.

Despite it is misleading, commercials from Unilever encouraging to eat more low cholesterol products like Flora Pro Active are still going on. Nowadays we now better.

Too high cholesterol levels are merely caused by bad genes and in many cases a heritable shortcoming. And additionally, cholesterol is doing a lot of good in the human body. It is unmissable.

BBC blacklisted. Was Theresa May’s charm offensive in vain?

Donald Trump hates the way many media outlets operate. So do I. Colorized reporting or, equal bad, being silent about big achievements for America.

E.g. mainstream media widespread ignored the massive deficit reduction, with no less than $ 12 bn, accomplished during the POTUS first month in Office.

Among many other broadcasters, the BBC is now banned from White House press conferences. Officials from the BBC filed a complaint at the White House Press Office, begging restore access to news conferences.

If there were any, I am sincerely wondering about what’s left over from the achievements of Theresa May’s January visit to the U.S.

May couldn’t find enough words to emphasize her love for the United States and Trump administration. She heaped praise upon Republicans for their election victories, saying it was an “honor” to address them as one of the first foreign leaders. America is facing a rebirth, a new day begins, she said.

But was it enough to say these friendly words among others as at the same time at the Homefront here in England the news was dominated by journalists with an almost annihilating approach.

England needs America more than ever. The disintegration of the European Union has begun. The fear of the EU leaders in Brussels is materializing as individual European member states already started unofficial trade talks with Britain focusing on the post Brexit landscape.

In my opinion journalists, especially working for state sponsored media, should be aware of the responsibility they have. Viewers expect honest reports. Not mixed up with personal opinions and feelings. It’s about news paid with taxpayers money.

There is nothing wrong with criticism but at the BBC a more balanced way of reporting is strongly advised. Reporters from mainstream state sponsored news media should refrain from doing other things than bringing the news only. For judging journalism we have other platforms.

Fake news is all around us, don’t tell me…

Mainstream media’s best times are past. The era in which, so called journalists, manipulated ordinary people is surely over. Old technology is swept away by the internet and smartphones are usually equipped with better camera’s than the most expensive professional ones official photo reporters use.

There is no doubt about it, humanity doesn’t need traditional newspapers or television outlets to learn what’s going on.

Politicians and religious scaremongers backed by the old media boys network are losing ground rapidly.

In today’s world, almost everybody is a reporter with access to the whole world. And everybody can armed with a high res camera make his or her say before a worldwide audience.

Now everybody is able to defend the truth without begging a so called journalist bringing the story.

Professional reporters almost never bring the story really as it is. Most of them are unable to separate reality from their own emotional feelings.

But now, the old -often corrupted- media are more and more hampered in sculpturing society.

Times of blackmailing people, like the NOS journal did to me ten years ago, are definitely over. In those days, editors produced a colored item about our DNA diagnostics center in Rijswijk and forced me to cooperate. They threatened if I didn’t work with them they would create their own story with all the negative consequences.

NOS background journalist Mr. Rinke van de Brink, who did this to me, should be legally punished for these practices. Despite never having an argument with him, NOS reporter Mr Gerri Eijckhof I met, at Eindhoven airport for the interview later, even refused shaking hands.

DNA testing is nowadays common and government encouraged practice. But the organization against charlatanism who called our DNA tests after the NOS report “impossible, not working and charlatanism” did never rectify their allegations on the internet.

The old technology media developed a vast practice of manipulating facts in order to satisfy their own political desires. These times are history.

That’s a good thing for mankind.

I am aware that mean stream media do not have the guts to ask me making my point about reproductive rights. They are scared and therefore massively neglect me. I never got a fair chance to have my say. I was attacked and at the same time ignored regarding my response.

In 2010 the Dutch evangelic broadcast organization EO made a scam about our sex selection service.

They registered at our clinic using a false patient name and address. How dare these people call themselves Christian? It’s pure label forgery and I believe it’s a major sin to do so.

That’s why I believe it is great to have someone like Donald Trump speaking out without boundaries to condemn these media practices.

I hope this is the beginning of the end not for the old media only but also the old style politicians. They call them elite but it is no elite. Especially in Europe, many of them are ordinary liars just digesting tax payers money. They better seek a real job.

In America politicians generally do not rely on state sponsored salaries. Mostly we are talking about successful businessmen doing their public job without remuneration. In Europe such a thing is an illusion.