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Naughty priests replaced by robots, the big cleanup has begun

Robotic priests are the proposed solution to wash away the terrible sins committed by Roman Catholic Church workers of flesh and blood. The Roman Catholic Church is now seriously studying proposals to replace priests by androids. As the church is more and more... read more

Is it the Horror Channel or the United Nations?

People who think children with a nasty, evil, demonized face only exist in horror movies on the Horror Channel are wrong. This week the world was widely astonished as 16-year-old Greta Thunberg appeared with a face full of hatred before the international audience of... read more

Former “criminal” on the new 50 pound bill

Times change and so do ethics. It is Alan Turing, earlier prosecuted for being gay, showing up on the new 50 pound note that is due to arrive in 2021. As an informatics scientist. Mr. Turing played an important, not to say, “Crucial” rule during WWII by breaking the... read more

Legal consequences for semen donors and recipients

This week, the Australian High Court has ruled that a semen donor is the legal father of an eleven year old girl since, by providing the sperm, and being actively involved in her life. The bombshell verdict comes after the lesbian mother and her wife announced to move... read more

Generic Medicine, Is it safe ?

The cost of medicine is exploding. The U.K. is no exception compared to what is happening round the globe. As the NHS is struggling to keep expenses under control, providing substitute generic medication instead of costly branded medication is a way to put some... read more

Huawei deal could jeopardize special US-UK relationship

The United States warned the UK not allowing Huawei to build the new 5G network. 5G by Huawei would be a fatal mistake putting the special relationship between the two countries at risk. The US has many activities over here, intelligence and military bases included.... read more

Hydrogen Car Breakthrough

As the world lithium resources are not endless and fossil fuel is fading away, scientists are working in overdrive mode to improve hydrogen fuel as the near future power source for electric cars. A major problem with hydrogen is to overcome the limited efficiency of... read more

Brexit: Easier Said Than Done

On the very day Britain originally should say goodbye to the EU, big disappointment. Brexit is not happening; on the contrary in a complete deadlock situation. Today, for the third time in a row, members of Parliament rejected the withdrawal agreement now plunging the... read more

Brexit drama: Billions of pounds already down the drain

Whether it is unclear Brexit will ever happen at all, the British economy is already suffering Hugh financial losses. Many large companies already left the country and financial experts warn companies to remove all financial assets from the U.K. Not to mention the... read more

Fiscal punishment based on scientific errors?

Climate change occurs, right in front of our very eyes. But is it really caused by humanity or are other influences -as the ongoing polar shift and changes in Earth’s rotation- due to this event? What we know so far is that governments millions of people and... read more

“Hold your horses” as EU budget is under siege

As time runs out for achieving an orderly Brexit, the EU is financially preparing for the worst. In case of a no- deal Brexit, Britain will stop EU payments at the end of March immediately. It emerged that the EU is already holding back payments to the UK and other EU... read more

A picture says a thousand words

Who is not happy with this president? CNN (The Communist News Network) maybe. The troops in Iraq and Germany were in a euphoric mood as the “one of a kind” President of the United States arrived for an unexpected visit during the Christmas holiday. Image... read more

World Economy is living on borrowed time

Time is ticking out for world’s economies. Thanks to the dovish, reckless money creating central banks and politicians not doing a d… thing about it, the world’s debt is now exceeding an average of $86,000 for every individual living being on this planet. Based... read more

May can stay… for the moment, but still empty handed

The earlier mentioned no confidence vote took place on Wednesday December 12th, and the PM doesn’t have to leave Office. But the position of Mrs. May is terribly weakened, opening the door for further humiliation by the EU. Not much chance for getting the real deal.... read more

Brexit tragedy unfolding, new referendum on the brink

Britain might be on the verge of a new referendum as Mrs. May fails to get a better deal with the EU. To prevent a massive defeat in parliament, the long awaited Brexit vote for today has been cancelled. Instead of the crucial vote, the PM is now traveling around... read more

Difficult times for our Prime Minister Theresa May

Political turmoil in Downingstreet. A political insider here in London told me he believes the PM will be forced to leave office soon. A confidence vote to be held in a couple of days could lead to the exit of Mrs. May. It’s now or never as events develop as we speak.... read more

Think twice before you get into Organ Donation

Patient’s should rethink before they get into Organ Donation. Beware of the Lazarus phenomenon, when the dead come back to life. When it is coming to donated organs, “thanks”, to the so called Cell Memory Phenomenon you can inherit something more... read more

Tensions in the North Atlantic, U.S. Fleet command reactivated

A growing concern about the number of Chinese military vessels now operating in the Northern Atlantic, amid Russian submarines put America’s navy on high alert. Following the increased military threat, last month on the first of July, the U.S. has reactivated the... read more

Theresa May should follow Donald Trump’s advice

U.S. President Donald Trump advised U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May to sue the EU. This instead of further negotiating with the bloc. The position of the British PM is under siege since the Chequers summit agreement that preludes a soft Brexit is in fact no Brexit at... read more

No future for battery powered vehicles, Tesla might go bust

I am not against electric powered driving. Sure, I do my best endeavors saving the environment. So far so good as long as electric transportation is not getting the energy from batteries. It’s an outrage plundering the environment for scares recourses like lithium and... read more

Our weird, alien made, Moon

Something seems to be shockingly wrong with the traditional explanation where our Moon came from. The official story is that the Moon broke off after Earth was struck by a huge planetary object like Mars. But a growing number of conspiracy theorists believe the... read more

Wishing you a safe and sound 2018!

I am sure you agree with me that we live in a dangerous world. Not seen since the cold war era. Today the planet seems to be just a few steps away from total nuclear destruction. The North Korean government called the latest UN Security Council sanctions “an act of... read more