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The future doesn’t belong to the fainthearted; it belongs to the brave

Using ad blockers could become costly

Fed up with annoying ads? The cure to prevent boring advertising showing up on webpages could become an expensive habit. More and more people are using ad blockers to restrict any kind of unwanted content showing up on webpages. A new tool, provided by Google, will... read more

Unacceptable Brexit terms: UK might walk away and will not pay !

How about that? There is a famous TV program on channel 5 here in Britain, named “can’t pay, we’ll take it away” It is about renters not willing or able to pay the rent and after a court conviction ordered leaving their homes immediately. And now we have a different... read more

Top doctor’s verdict: Eat more salt, it isn’t bad at all !

Former president of the World Heart Federation Professor Salim Yusuf is shocking the medical world with his conclusion that a too low salt intake is doing the opposite as many leading doctors so far warned for. A diet with a lack of salt may not prevent, but increase... read more

BBC blacklisted. Was Theresa May’s charm offensive in vain?

Donald Trump hates the way many media outlets operate. So do I. Colorized reporting or, equal bad, being silent about big achievements for America. E.g. mainstream media widespread ignored the massive deficit reduction, with no less than $ 12 bn, accomplished during... read more

Fake news is all around us, don’t tell me…

Mainstream media’s best times are past. The era in which, so called journalists, manipulated ordinary people is surely over. Old technology is swept away by the internet and smartphones are usually equipped with better camera’s than the most expensive... read more

State sponsored sex in Germany

Now Germans know where in the future tax euro’s might end up. The German Green Party made a pledge for sex on prescription in cases people are disabled or seriously ill. These patients should be able to file for public money to pay the hookers bill. However, evidence... read more

Talking Teddy Bear Roemer; just remove the batteries

There was a time in The Netherlands extreme left wing parties like the Socialistische Partij (S.P.) were strictly prohibited. Party members of (neo) communist movements were not eligible for jobs with a security risk like the Police and e.g. the postal service PTT.... read more

The future is bleak for bank customers in Europe

This week the EU announced the shocking development of new legislation to drive European citizens one step further in the direction of a privacy black hole. In the near future, banks are allowed to share vital data such as balances from customers with ordinary... read more

Who is the biggest tax evader?

Now we know it for sure. No mistake about it. The biggest tax evader is not Donald Trump. It’s Hillary! You know why? That’s because she is a robot! Robots don’t pay taxes, do they? Conspiracy theorists believe that Hillary Clinton is a robot after she was seen... read more

German vice chancellor warns; EU down the drain after Brexit

Will Brexit be the prelude of the end of political Europe? According to vice chancellor Sigmar Gabriel it is not unthinkable that, if other countries will follow Britain’s lead, the European Union is heading for destruction. After the collapse of the Soviet Union,... read more

Vader van terrorist bederft “feestje” van Hillary

Opnieuw een compromitterend incident rond Hillary Clinton. Deze keer is het een video die viraal op internet gaat over de aanwezigheid van de vader van de “Orlando gunman” tijdens een campagne bijeenkomst van de Democraten in Florida.De vader van deze... read more

Republikeinen over Hillary Clinton… “Lock her Up”

Donald Trump maakt de Amerikaanse politiek opeens weer leuk. We moeten terug naar de Reagan periode om zoveel positieve upheaval tegen te komen. De voormalige president Reagan wist bij de Amerikanen het echte “Proud to be an American” gevoel te creëren. Daarna ging... read more

Het afplakken is begonnen

Hoezo Brexit slecht voor de engelse werkgelegenheid? We hebben in ieder geval nieuwe registratie platen en EU symbool vrije documenten nodig. Sommige automobilisten kunnen er niet op wachten en hebben in het blije vooruitzicht van wat gaat komen het EU symbool op hun... read more

Game over ? Nieuwe tegenslagen voor EU

Koud een week voor het referendum in Engeland heeft Zwitserland besloten een oud voorstel om zich bij de EU aan te sluiten, in te trekken. Nadat een motie hierover in het Zwitserse lager huis werd aangenomen liet Minister Didier Burkhalter de EU leiders weten de oude... read more

Taboe op medische screenings zet Nederland op achterstand

Opnieuw ophef nu blijkt dat Nederland, als het om preventief screenen op het syndroom van Dawn gaat, ernstig achterloopt. In vergelijking met Engeland waar 74 % van de zwangere vrouwen op Dawn screent is in Nederland de score niet meer dan een magere 27%. Oorzaak is... read more

Kleine hersenen zeggen weinig over intelligentie

De omvang van de hersenen zegt bij roofvogels niet alles over het intelligentie niveau. Ondanks hun veel kleinere hersenen blijken bijvoorbeeld raven net zo slim te zijn als chimpansees. Onderzoekers van de Lund Universiteit in Zweden hebben aangetoond dat niet de... read more